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Michael Rapaport goes scorched-earth on Biden and the Squad, stressing 'voting for Trump is on the table'
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Michael Rapaport goes scorched-earth on Biden and the Squad, stressing 'voting for Trump is on the table'

Leftist actor Michael Rapaport has come a long way since calling former President Donald Trump the "worst possible motherf**ker we could have in power," referring to Melania Trump as a "dumb animal," and wishing ill on Barron Trump in March 2020.

Rapaport, like various other Jewish liberals, has in recent months begun to distance himself from the Democratic Party, recognizing that it has grown increasingly antagonistic toward Israel and resistant to efforts to restore order to American cities. Democratic anti-Semitism in the wake of the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attacks and the apparent failure of the Biden administration to address the crisis at the border have even prompted the actor to seriously consider voting for Trump.

In a recent interview with the Polish media outfit Visegrád 24, Rapaport blasted his Hollywood peers for their silence over the Oct. 7 attacks.

"You don't have to be political like me. You don't have to be a lunatic like me. You don't have to be as aggressive like me," said Rapaport. "But to know that there's hostages and everybody knows that that's not okay. There's nobody that could try to explain, rationalize hostages being taken — babies, kids, women."

Roughly 3,000 Hamas-affiliated terrorists entered Israel on Oct. 7 and murdered over 1,140 civilians. Extra to leaving another 3,400 Israelis wounded, the terrorists took hundreds of civilians captive. According to the Jewish state, 130 hostages remain in captivity, including the bodies of 33 victims.

"We know there's rape. We know there's all sorts of things. And not to say anything about that. Well, [Hollywood types] say things about trees being cut down, equal rights pay ... black lives matter this, LGBTQ this," continued Rapaport. "To not say nothing? That s**t hurt my f***ing heart straight the f*** up."

"It's a shameful thing," added Rapaport.

When Visegrád 24 pressed the actor on whether his political views have shifted in recent years, Rapaport answered in the affirmative.

"In all honesty, I have educated myself so much since 2016 and I have a ways to go," said the actor. "My political views have changed immensely, and they are changing at a rapid pace."

Rapaport made expressly clear that he will "not be voting for Joe Biden."

He said further, "I do not support anybody from the Squad. I think they're dangerous. I think they're race hustlers. I think they're cons. I think inevitably they want to get themselves production deals to produce documentaries. I think they're three-card-Monty-playing bulls**t artists."

"Voting for Trump is on the table," continued the actor. "That is my reality. I will not support anybody who is anti-Israel. I will not support anybody who is anti-, you know, making America safe. I am not supporting anybody who is cool with the fact that it takes me two and a half hours to get back into America from Toronto ... but it takes you two minutes to cross the border [illegally]. I'm not down with that s**t."

Rapaport also lamented the attacks on NYPD officers by illegal aliens who were subsequently set loose again on the city as well as the brazen crime plaguing his city.

Radical leftists, Hamas apologists, and other criminals have clearly greased Rapaport's political slide.

Blaze News previously reported that in January, Antifa agitators protested Rapaport's presence at a comedy club in Portland, Oregon, demanding that he leave the city.

In 2022, Rapaport documented the aftermath of a burglary at a Rite Aid in Manhattan. The actor was taken aback by the brazenness of the crime, expressing disbelief as he filmed a suspect striding down an aisle with two bags stuffed full of loot, then nod to a security guard before exiting as if nothing had happened.

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