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Mike Rowe blasts Gov. Cuomo over his calloused attitude for out-of-work Americans: 'Cookie-cutter bromides and platitudes'


Every worker is essential, Rowe says


Mike Rowe is fed up with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Speaking with Fox News host Dana Perino on Tuesday, the former "Dirty Jobs" host blasted Cuomo over his callous attitude toward the consequences of his statewide lockdown order. Specifically, Rowe was responding to Cuomo telling those left unemployed by his order to get jobs as "essential" workers.

"Thirty-three or 34 million people are out of work right now, and by definition, those people are out of work because, according to the governor, they are nonessential," Rowe said.

"But if you look at the impact of removing those workers from our economy, our macro-economy, you can see that they're absolutely essential," Rowe explained. "This is one of those instances where the headlines have caught up to our vernacular, and if we don't make some tweaks to our lexicon we're going to wind up sounding really, what's the word? Stupid."

But those words from the Democratic governor were not his only comments that "snapped my neck," Rowe explained.

According to Rowe, Cuomo's assertion that "draconian measures" by an overreaching government are justifiable if they save even one life is an asinine claim.

"Well, not to pile up on the governor, but a couple of weeks ago he said another thing that really snapped my neck," Rowe explained. "He said, 'No measure no matter how drastic or draconian should be deemed unjustified if it saves a single life.

"Safety obviously is very, very, very important, but the notion that nothing in the country is more important than staying safe, that's not something commonsensical people embrace," he continued. "That's something you hear from people who are trying to sell you something, or politicians who are trying to get re-elected. We have to get away from the cookie-cutter bromides and platitudes and start dealing with one zip code at a time."

Speaking with BlazeTV host Glenn Beck earlier in the week, Rowe said he expects the COVID-19 pandemic will make many Americans realize what their governing officials really think of them.

"I think most of the country is going to come through this with the realization that we're being treated like children and we're being fed platitudes, bromides, and bowls of warm milk by people who want us to look at them as parents," Rowe said.

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