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Mom enters middle school and confronts, grabs her daughter's alleged bully, cops say — a 12-year-old girl. Mom now charged with assault.
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Mom enters middle school and confronts, grabs her daughter's alleged bully, cops say — a 12-year-old girl. Mom now charged with assault.

Police said a Maryland mother entered a middle school earlier this week then confronted and grabbed the arm of her daughter's alleged bully — a 12-year-old girl. The mother in question is now charged with assault.

What are the details?

Police said Aberdeen Middle School staff let 41-year-old Kelly Sadik into the building around 8:15 a.m. Tuesday via the outside intercom, WBAL-TV reported.

But instead of going to the office, police told WBAL that Sadik — accompanied by her child — broke rules by going to the seventh-grade area of the school where the mom confronted a 12-year-old girl over alleged harassment of her daughter, after which a verbal confrontation escalated.

Sadik accused the girl of bullying her daughter, police told WJZ-TV.

"At that time, the student tried to turn and walk away," Sgt. Jason Neidig of the Aberdeen Police Department told WBAL. "And the parent grabbed ahold of the student's arm, leaving a pretty nice sized red mark and bruise on that arm."

Officials added to WBAL that a teacher saw what happened and immediately intervened.

Sadik was charged with second-degree assault and trespassing, WBAL said. She's due in court in May, WJZ added.

Dad, grandmother of 12-year-old girl react

"The biggest concern was how quickly she got into the school; she bypassed the office, and then she got a direction location of where my daughter was," Charles Bates — the father of girl police say Sadik grabbed — told WBAL. "She could have had a weapon. She could have had anything. That's the most frightening part about it."

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Judy Kibler, the 12-year-old girl's grandmother, told WJZ that "first I was in shock, but then I was angry, frustrated, and really upset."

Kibler added to the station that she doesn't know how Sadik "got that far without somebody doing something. I'm a grandparent. I know when you go to the school you get buzzed in, you go straight to the office."

Kibler added to WJZ that her granddaughter also has been a victim of bullying at the school: "It's not just my granddaughter I'm concerned about; I'm concerned about all these kids. If [the school or school district is] doing something, tell us what you're doing. I've asked that question so many times."

Family of Aberdeen student allegedly assaulted by a parent in school concerned about security protocyoutu.be

What did the school district have to say?

Harford County Public Schools told WBAL there are safety measures in place for visitors, and staff took action as soon as Sadik broke protocol.

"We vet folks that are coming into our schools. Protocol was followed today by our staff. Unfortunately, we had a parent that decided to break protocol," Donoven Brooks, Harford County Public Schools chief of safety and security, added to the station. "Fortunately, we had staff members who immediately identified — through their vigilance, and just knowing the building — that there was something that was not right and immediately stepped in to take action."

Police charge mom with assault of Aberdeen Middle School studentyoutu.be

How are observers reacting?

Commenters on a Fox News story about the situation that was published on Yahoo News were angry over bullying — and quite a number of them sided with Sadik:

  • "Good for the mom!" one commenter wrote.
  • "She's a mom, protecting her daughter, and she's fed up with the system's response, if any," another commenter said. "She grabbed 'the victim' by the arm, big deal! The poor little bully got a taste of her own venom, and I'll betcha she never bullies anyone again! Kids these days have ZERO RESPECT for ANYTHING or ANYONE, and it makes me sick. It's all their parents fault, too. Everyone is so afraid of hurting their feelings, or losing their kids' love, or stifling the kids' independence...and now they have BRATS that defy authority, bully, and they think the world owes them a free ride. Well, good luck with your brats. You will be paying for their choices your whole life...and your little brats will never grow up and move out!"
  • "I'm glad the mother took a stand," another commenter wrote. "One teen committing suicide [due] to bullying is one to many. She should get a medal not a jail cell. The other mother should be more concerned with her bullying daughter."
  • "I stand with the mother," another commenter said. "Someone has to stand up for the girl, as the school's administration won't confront the bully."
  • "This lady is a hero," another commenter declared. "I wish more parents [would] do the same."
  • "Mother of the year. Seriously. I applaud her," another commenter stated.
  • "Good for her," another commenter said. "I've always thought the parents need to step in in these circumstances, since schools won't, or can't."

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