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'Dumpster divers' make heartbreaking discovery of newborn in New Mexico dumpster — and video surveillance captured what led up to the shocking moment

Image source: Daily Mail video screenshot

Police say 18-year-old Alexis Avila was caught on surveillance video dumping her trash bag-wrapped newborn baby daughter into a Hobbs, New Mexico, dumpster — where the child lay crying for six hours before people discovered and rescued her.

What are the details?

Security footage captured the moment a suspect identified as Avila exited her vehicle, opened the back door of her car, and emerged holding what appeared to be a child wrapped in a trash bag.

The suspect then was seen throwing the bundle into a commercial dumpster before speeding away from the scene.

The incident took place during broad daylight on Friday.

Authorities viewed the surveillance video and were able to match Avila to the description of the woman and her car in the video.

Police arrested Avila without incident, and according to a report from the Daily Mail, she confessed to the crime.

A press release from the Hobbs Police Department stated that Avila admitted to giving birth to the child at one location. and then placing the baby in the dumpster shortly thereafter.

What happened then?

Six hours later, the same footage showed a trio of "dumpster divers" rifling through the dumpster before discovering a crying bundle that turned out to be the abandoned baby girl.

A report from Law & Crime stated that officers responded to the rear of local business Rig Outfitters after receiving an emergency call about the newborn in the dumpster.

First responders rushed to the scene and immediately administered first aid until EMS arrived and transported the child to a local hospital for treatment.

She was quickly whisked off to Lubbock Hospital in Texas for specialized pediatric treatment.

Joe Imbriale, Rig Outfitters' owner, said that he couldn't believe what took place behind his store.

“You know, luckily we had dumpster divers back there, and they pulled [the bag] out and they didn’t even know what was in the bag,” Imbriale said of the fateful discovery.

The unnamed newborn baby is in stable condition at the time of this reporting.

Authorities have charged Avila, who lives in Hobbs, with felony attempted murder and felony child abuse.

She is due in court for arraignment on Monday.

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