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Mom's 'goodbye' message to Disney goes viral: Disney has 'transformed into a political propaganda machine' that 'grooms children for abortions and sexual promiscuity'
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Mom's 'goodbye' message to Disney goes viral: Disney has 'transformed into a political propaganda machine' that 'grooms children for abortions and sexual promiscuity'

Kristan Hawkins, mother, podcaster, and president of Students for Life of America, says that she and her family are saying goodbye to Disney World and all it entails.

What are the details?

In a fiery op-ed for Fox News, Hawkins said that she's heartbroken over what she describes as Disney's "more progressive" slant.

"Upon watching its newest movie with Pixar entitled 'Turning Red,' it’s clear that the clock has finally struck midnight for Disney’s era of whimsical fairy tales with moral lessons," she wrote. "Gone are the innocent days of 'bibbity-bobbity-boo;' Disney has now transformed into a political propaganda machine that grooms children for abortions and sexual promiscuity — and nothing showcases their regression into a progressive pumpkin better than their new movie."

Hawkins detailed how she believes the new Disney Pixar film — a PG-rated movie about a 13-year-old girl named Mei who turns into a red panda every time she feels passionate emotions — feels "wildly inappropriate in a movie targeting young children like mine" for what she said is its depiction of "sexual tension."

"The adults at Disney create a storyline for the young main character and her fictional friends around their attraction of an older boy dangerously close to being a legal adult at seventeen," she added. "It’s even more appalling when Mei begins to draw this boy in what a 'Turning Red' YouTube account calls 'dirty drawings.' Her drawings include half-naked sketches of him, and, at one point, she crawls under her bed to get all hot and sweaty with her sketchbook of semi-nude scribbles. It would be hard to explain this scene as anything other than masturbation."

Hawkins pointed out that the "abortion lobby" receives a nod from Disney toward the end of the movie when Mei goes out in public as the panda, contradicting her mother's wishes and telling her "my panda, my choice."

"Disney clearly is no longer interested in being a guardian of the innocence of childhood," Hawkins insisted, pointing to leaked comments from Disney leadership about incorporating more queer leads into the company's productions and products. "Instead, by their own admission, Disney leadership is actively pushing children out of Neverland and directly into an adult’s sexualized world, where they can be groomed for others' enjoyment."

"Disney recently spoke out in opposition to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill, which would prohibit the discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in grades Kindergarten to Third," she continued. "But what more can Disney really do? Sexualized content seems to be the new pixie dust at Disney, sprinkled liberally."

She concluded, "Whatever Disney’s future might be, it’s a sad reality that the company is losing its credibility through movies like 'Turning Red.' For parents who proactively monitor what their child is viewing, it’s likely time to say goodbye to today’s Disney if you want to protect your children from the grooming tactics of the left. We’re not dealing with Mickey Mouse anymore."

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