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Piers Morgan lauds Musk's Twitter purchase after Musk pans 'woke mind virus': He is a 'flag-bearer' for free speech

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Fox Nation host Piers Morgan spoke up in support of Elon Musk's Twitter purchase on Monday and said that such a move is good because Musk is a "flag-bearer" for free speech.

Musk acquired Twitter on Monday for $44 billion.

What's a brief history here?

Beyond the Twitter sale, Musk most recently made headlines for saying he believed Netflix was nosediving because it succumbed to the "woke mind virus."

He wrote, "The woke mind virus is making Netflix unwatchable."

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO added that he believed the "virus" was perhaps the biggest threat to modern civilization — a notion with which Morgan agreed on Monday.

What are the details?

During Monday's broadcast of "Fox & Friends," Morgan said, "Elon Musk is an absolute flag-bearer for free speech. He talks about this woke mindset virus. And think he is right. It is a virus. If you go around wanting to destroy everything that gets in your way that you don’t agree with, then you become a really dangerous thing in a society."

He added that Musk will be instrumental in returning free speech to the social media platform, and pointed out what he said was a double standard of banning former President Donald Trump from the platform while the likes of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Taliban are still permitted to use their accounts.

"How can that be right? How can it be justified?" he mused. "A social media platform allows them accounts, but bans Donald Trump. So I think you will see if Elon Musk takes control, I think you’ll see a much more tolerant view of all manner of people’s ... right to free speech, not just on the left but also on the right, who tend to be the only people that get no-platformed by Twitter and Facebook."

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