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MSNBC host suggests 'silver lining' to COVID-19 crisis is that it could hurt Trump politically


Nicolle Wallace said it is 'pathetic' that it took the deadly virus to 'finally' damage the president

Image source: MRCTV video screenshot

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace suggested Thursday that despite the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans and widespread economic devastation brought on by the coronavirus, the "silver lining" might be that the pandemic could hurt President Donald Trump politically.

What are the details?

Speaking to a guest on her show, "Deadline: White House," Wallace said:

There is something both tragic, and pathetic, and ironic about the fact that it took a, you know, color-blind, gender-blind, state-line-blind virus to sort of have all of the president's sins from his first three years catch up with him. You can't stand there and lie. You can't contradict your scientists because they're the ones that stand at 66 and 68 percent public trust, not you. He's down at 38 percent. Pence is lower than him. I mean, he needs those people whether he likes what they say or not and I wonder what you think about whether or not there's some silver lining there, that some of the things that, that we've been talking about for three years may be finally catching up with him?

The Media Research Center shared a video of her comments:

It is unclear what "public trust" poll Wallace was referring to. As of Thursday, RealClearPolitics' average polling showed President Trump has a 43.4% favorable rating among Americans.

Anything else?

Wallace has a solid record of criticizing the president, and she has gleefully speculated before over the possibility that the coronavirus crisis could be "Trump's Katrina."

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