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Joy Reid's MSNBC show garners worst ratings ever, nearly half of audience has fled since its premiere

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The ratings are in, and Joy Reid's MSNBC show is not exactly winning.

The "ReidOut" garnered its smallest audience in April after nearly two years in existence, according to Fox News.

Reid's show managed to only entertain 1.1 million viewers on average in April, a measure 31% lower from the same month last year. That figure is also 51% of the viewers the show garnered in its premiere month on July 2020.

The "ReidOut" did poorly when measured among the demographic of adults ages 25-54, where the show earned an average of only 124,000 viewers in April. That figure represents the lowest for MSNBC in the coveted demographic during the weeknight 7 p.m. slot since July 2015.

Reid has apparently and unsuccessfully tried to earn greater ratings with more and more outrageous statements calling various Republicans and others on the right racist, sexist, and other unsubstantiated accusations.

In March, the MSNBC host said that the world only cares about the invasion of Ukraine by Russia because the country is white and Christian.

"OK, let's face it. The world is paying attention because this is happening in Europe," Reid said at the time. "If this was happening anywhere else would we see the same outpouring of support and compassion?"

Earlier in April, Reid said she was sick and tired of "right-wing, Christian nationalist, abortion-obsessed trolls" asking her to give a definition of the word "woman" after Supreme Court justice Ketanji Jackson Brown was unable to do so during her Senate hearings.

Later in April, she accused Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis of "child abuse" over black children holding political signs against Critical Race Theory at a bill signing.

In her most recent outburst, Reid threatened to leave Twitter over the purchase of the company by billionaire tech entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Here's more about the recent Reid outbursts:

Joy Reid Embarrasses Herself with Threats To Leave Twitter | @Jason Whitlockwww.youtube.com

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