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Newsweek defends Ocasio-Cortez on latest embarrassing gaffe — now they're getting smacked down too


Another example of the mainstream media covering for Democrats

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was mocked for an obviously wrong historical statement, but Newsweek has swooped in to defend her, and is getting their own dose of ridicule over it.

The mistake came during an MSNBC town hall event focusing on Ocasio-Cortez and her "Green New Deal," when she said that the Constitution was amended in order to prevent Franklin D. Roosevelt from re-elected.

"They had to amend the constitution of the United States to make sure Roosevelt did not get reelected," she told Chris L. Hayes. "There were so many extraordinary things that were happening at that time that were uniting working people."

But many noted that the 22nd amendment was approved by Congress two years after FDR died in office.

Instead of simply reporting the gaffe, Newsweek used an obscure Twitter account to attempt to save the alternate AOC history of the United States.

"However, some eagle-eyed social media commenters pointed out that the original architects of the 22nd Amendment were inspired by Roosevelt's monopoly on the White House and began campaigning long before his death," Newsweek reported.

"FDR did die in office in '45 and the 22nd amendment did come in '47 but Congress did start the legislative process in 1944 prior to his death so that he would not be reelected," another Twitter user wrote in Ocasio-Cortez's defense. "It was not ratified soon enough and he won in '44. AOC did not misspeak, friends."

Ocasio-Cortez then used the dubious report in Newsweek to defend herself against the ridicule online.

Jonah Goldberg slammed Newsweek for trying to provide cover for Ocasio-Cortez on what appeared to be an obvious untruth.

"I understand that people don't want to acknowledge that AOC sometimes says very untrue, easily checked things," he wrote. "But since when is it the job of news magazines to try to clean up the mess, when it's obvious the stain won't come out?"

Many others took Newsweek to task on social media over what appeared to be a partisan defense of the Socialist Democrat.

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