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MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace says 95% of Americans will agree with Biden's speech on Afghanistan debacle

Image Source: MSNBC Twitter video screenshot

MSNBC host Nicholle Wallace claimed that 95% of Americans would agree with President Joe Biden's speech on the debacle in Afghanistan and accused the media of unfairly criticizing him.

Biden addressed the nation from the White House about the disastrous military retreat from Afghanistan as more horrific reports and videos surfaced showing the Taliban overrunning the country and taking over.

Wallace said that the vast majority of Americans would agree with the president.

"95% of the American people will agree with everything he just said. 95% of the press covering this White House will disagree," Wallace claimed.

"And for an American president to finally be completely aligned with such an overwhelming majority of what the American people think about Afghanistan is probably a relief to the American people," she added.

Biden in his speech placed much of the blame for the disastrous retreat on the Afghan people themselves.

"Afghanistan's political leaders gave up and fled the country. The Afghan military collapsed, sometimes without trying to fight," the president said.

"If anything, the developments of the past week reinforced that ending U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan now was the right decision," he continued. "American troops cannot and should not be fighting in a war and dying in a war that Afghan forces are not willing to fight for themselves."

Wallace went on to praise Biden for his statement, but admitted her two points were difficult to say aloud.

"He also went a long way to really fleshing out a Biden doctrine. And there are questions about whether he can achieve what he set out. But there is no equivocation, there is no lack of confidence that this is the right decision," she continued.

"And what he has going for him is a vast majority of Americans in both political parties," Wallace concluded.

Fellow MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid appeared to agree with Wallace's assessment.

"I have my issues with President Biden. Especially on voting rights and this obsession with 'bipartisanship.' But he is an entire grown-up and that speech just now shows it," Reid tweeted.

Here's the video of Wallace's comments:

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