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North Carolina couple call 911 to report an 'intruder' — suspect turns out to be their vacuum


The two say they are embarrassed but still believe it's better to be safe than sorry

Image source: WGHP-TV video screenshot

A North Carolina couple had a scare on Christmas Eve, when they heard a commotion in their home in the middle of the night and believed someone had broken in.

But when police arrived to investigate, they determined the "suspect" was actually the couple's new robot vacuum.

What are the details?

Homeowners Elisa and Thomas Milam were in their upstairs bedroom when they were startled by loud noises beneath them shortly after midnight. The couple ran to hide in a closet and called 911, reporting they were potentially the victims of a home invasion.

Deputies from the Forsyth County Sheriff's Department responded to the scene, and after searching the home, found the culprit to be the Milams' new robotic vacuum which was banging into the wall, WGHP-TV reported.

"They asked me how long I had it and I said 'about two days' and they all just started laughing because they knew it was just one of those things," Thomas Milam told the outlet. He went on to praise the officers, saying, "They were all great. They had great attitudes about it."

Mr. Milam said he and Elisa are both embarrassed about the incident, but have no regrets, saying "better safe than sorry."

"I still would have called the police," Mr. Milam continued, adding, "You just never know."

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