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NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo drops N-word — uncensored — in radio interview about Italians and racial slurs


Was it worth it to make his point?

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New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo used the N-word during a radio interview, uncensored, in order to make a point about a racial slur that he said was used against Italians, according to Fox News.

Cuomo called into WAMC on Tuesday to discuss a controversy over Columbus Day, also recognized by some as Indigenous Peoples' Day, which was Monday. Cuomo then began discussing a New York Times op-ed titled, "How Italians Became 'White.'" Here's what he said:

They used an expression that southern Italians were called, I believe they were saying southern Italians, Sicilians — I'm half Sicilian — were called, quote-unquote and pardon my language, but I'm just quoting the Times: "n****r wops." "N-word wops," as a derogatory comment. When I said that "wop" was a derogatory comment, that was when the Times Union told me, no, you should look in Wikipedia, "wop" really meant a dandy,

In the audio, it sounds as though Cuomo realizes maybe he didn't need to so clearly enunciate the racial slur in order to make his point, even if he wasn't using the word toward anyone in a derogatory manner. That could be why he quickly changes to "N-word."

Racial slur controversy is not new for the Cuomo family, as Andrew's brother, CNN host Chris Cuomo, made headlines recently for nearly coming to blows with someone who called him "Fredo."

While most understood it to be a reference to the character from the movie "The Godfather," Chris Cuomo angrily explained to the man that calling an Italian person "Fredo" is akin to calling a black person the N-word. That premise was, of course, quickly refuted by many who noted that almost anyone would feel comfortable saying "Fredo" publicly, while almost no one (except New York's governor, apparently) would do so for the N-word.

CNN backs Chris Cuomo after his rant over "Fredo" insult goes viral

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