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NY Times writer who gained woke fame for blasting 'dumba** f***ing white people' targets 'dangerous' conservative reporter Andy Ngo
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NY Times writer who gained woke fame for blasting 'dumba** f***ing white people' targets 'dangerous' conservative reporter Andy Ngo

But the backlash against Sarah Jeong's latest bombing run is brutal

Readers of TheBlaze might remember Sarah Jeong, a New York Times editorial board member who made headlines in 2018 when the "paper of record" hired her despite Jeong's history of relentless social media attacks against — as she termed them — "dumbass f***ing white people."

Now what?

Well, Jeong is back in the news and endearing herself to woke hearts far and wide for going after conservative journalist Andy Ngo.

As you probably know by now, Ngo is an expert on the inner workings of Antifa and has written extensively about the physically violent, far-left insurrectionists who claim they're fascism fighters while wantonly practicing fascism at every turn. In fact, Ngo became one of Antifa's victims while he was reporting on it. Check out video of the militants ganging up on and brutally beating Ngo in June 2019.

Now while conservatives everywhere are getting canceled, banned, and accused in the wake of last week's U.S. Capitol siege, Jeong apparently saw a prime opportunity to go after Ngo, whom she called "dangerous" and a "very real threat" while touting a Twitter thread calling for the social media giant to ban him:

"The only reason I have not brought up Andy Ngo in the past is that after the whole thing where people were sending me nonstop death threats and rape threats and the MAGA bomber threatened me on Twitter, I have a low appetite for scrapping with right wing provocateurs on Twitter," Jeong explained before adding that Ngo's "entire MO is to post your name, your mugshot, your place of work and tie you to 'radical Antifa' if you're arrested — even if while working as a journalist or legal observer — at a protest."

She also said that "Ngo is dangerous. The chilling effects of his intentional misframing and misreporting are well-known in this city. If he puts your face out there, people — dressed exactly like the people who stormed the Capitol — show up at your house."

How did folks react?

Given the shaky state of things on social media, you might want to check out the angry reactions to Jeong's attack on Ngo before they vanish forever:

  • "You are the racist, right?" one user asked. "I remember your tweets."
  • "Calling out Antifa violence is threatening?" another user wondered. "If you people didn't have double standards, you'd have none at all."
  • "Yes silence more people!!" another commenter said. "This is great. Hopefully we can get to a point where we only have voice of the state."
  • "You really out here trying to be the moral compass?" another user asked. "You wrote politically divisive, abusive, and racist tweets."
  • "She's okay with engaging in racism and troll-like behavior," another user noted. "Why on Earth is anyone still listening to @sarahjeong?"

Anything else?

Ngo also is dealing at the moment with Antifa making a valiant effort to bully Portland's famed Powell's Books into not selling his upcoming book on the leftist militants, aptly titled "Unmasked." Ye olde First Amendment can be pesky at times:

While Powell's said it will keep Ngo's book on its website, the store noted it would not stock it on shelves or promote it.

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