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Police rescue 2 children from freezing home with 'overwhelming' smell of dog feces and urine: 'Like a punch to the face'

Image Source: KFOR-TV YouTube video screenshot

The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office said they found two children living in shocking filth and squalor on Wednesday morning.

Deputies were sent to the residence because the tenants had stopped paying rent, according to a spokesperson for the sheriff's office, and they were going to present them with legal documents before the locks were changed.

Aaron Brilbeck described what they found to reporters.

"The floors were so soaked in urine that when you stepped on them, it was like stepping on a sponge. The smell was like a punch to the face when you first walk in," said Brilbeck.

Police said the two girls, aged 6 years and 7 years, were living in the 759-square-foot home with their parents and eight dogs.

"They were both sleeping on a filthy couch because their beds were so covered with junk and with feces and with urine that they couldn't sleep on their beds," he continued.

Brilbeck said he was on the scene, but he only saw the two girls for a moment before they were taken away. He said they appeared to be in good health.

"The smell in the home was just overwhelming. The smell of urine, of dog feces, a smell of decay," he added.

They also saw evidence of a rat infestation in the home.

Brilbeck said the refrigerator was unplugged, and there was no food in the pantry or the cupboards. There was also only one toilet, but it was unconnected to the plumbing.

"It looks like they were using the stove to heat the home," Brilbeck said. "The door is broken right off the stove, so very, very dangerous."

No charges have been issued against the parents yet, but police said their investigation is still ongoing. The children are staying with family members and the dogs were surrendered.

Here's a local news video about the filthy house:

House of filthwww.youtube.com

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