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Online 'Sex-Ed School' videos for children feature drag queens, transgender people, and explicit sex advice
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Online 'Sex-Ed School' videos for children feature drag queens, transgender people, and explicit sex advice

'Our genitals actually don't determine our gender. Some people born with vulvas are boys'

A series of shocking sex and gender education videos have been posted online showing a classroom full of pre-teens receiving instruction on explicit sexual content.

The videos — posted on YouTube by Canada-based sex education group "Sex-Ed School" and featured on the Shaftesbury Kids' YouTube channel — cover topics such as transgenderism, gender expression, sexual orientation, and masturbation, among others.

The videos feature Nadine Thornhill, who is described on the group's website as "one of Canada's foremost experts on child and adolescent sexuality," and Eva Bloom, a "sex research and online sexuality educator."

Their take on gender

In an episode titled, "Gender," the children are told "gender is how you feel on the inside about whether you're a boy or a girl, a man or a woman, if you're non-binary, feel like neither or both."

"Does anybody know what non-binary means?" the instructors ask, before answering, "It's an umbrella term, so people can also be fluid, feel more like a female, more like a male, based on a different day or time — it's really individual."

The instructors then play a true or false game to teach the children that gender is not biologically determined.

"Everyone born with a vulva is a girl, true for false?" one instructor asks.

Most of the children answer "true," but the instructors ignore that and move on.

"Not everybody is sure, and that makes sense," the teacher says. "Our genitals actually don't determine our gender. Some people born with vulvas are boys."

Sex Ed School | GENDER (LGBTQ+) | Shaftesbury Kidsyoutu.be

Later in the episode, the instructors bring in a transgender person named "Kaleb" to teach the kids about fun, light-hearted subjects such as hormone injections, wearing drag, and gender transitioning.

FaithWire highlighted an interesting exchange that occurred when Kaleb asked the children about their identities.

"I'm a toilet," one of the kids says, eliciting laughter from his peers. "I don't believe toilet is a gender," Kaleb instinctively answers, knowing it's an absurd response. Kaleb quickly changes tune, however, when realizing woke culture does not allow outsiders to determine gender, and makes a correction. "But maybe it is for you," Kaleb says, confirming to these impressionable young school children that if they want to identify as a toilet, that's perfectly normal.

Once the laughter subsided, Kaleb told the classroom about his experiences with a sex transition and hormone injections and his stint as a drag king.

His life story seemed to leave the children utterly confused, the FaithWire article noted.

Speaking about hormone injections, Kaleb recalled, "It changed my voice and my body a little bit. ... I basically went through a second puberty when I was in my 20s. I have to take [the hormone injection] every week."

Later he gave details about his sex-change operation.

"I did have my breasts removed. I have scars on my chest," he said. "I really only talk about what's in my pants for people who are getting in there."

What about orientation?

In an episode on sexual orientation, the classroom full of children is instructed by two drag queens, "Fay Slift" and "Fluffy Soufflé."

"You guys are really lucky," instructors Thornhill and Bloom tell the children before introducing the two drag queens. "Orientation is a fascinating topic!"

"Hi, I'm 'Fay Slift' and I use the pronouns she/her, and I'm queer-identified," the bearded drag queen announces.

"And I am Fluffy Soufflé, I use the adjectives they/them, because I am a non-binary performer, and I also identify as queer" adds the other, before they launch a discussion about transgenderism and take questions from the students.

Sex Ed School | ORIENTATION (LGBTQ+) | Shaftesbury Kidsyoutu.be

"Do you mostly dress up as a boy or a girl?" a puzzled student asked, eliciting a confounding response from Fluffy.

"I mostly dress up as myself; and people would call myself 'a man,'" Fluffy says. "So I still wear nail polish, I wear pink, I wear jewelry, which some people might say that is gender specific ... so I mostly present as a man, and then as a performer, that's when I dress up in 'other things.'"

Yes, they taught about masturbation

In another episode, the instructors tell the children that masturbation is an important act of "self-love."

"What does masturbate mean?" one girl asks in response.

"It's basically when you touch yourself for sexual pleasure ... touching your genitals in a way that feels good," the teacher responds, as the class shuffles uncomfortably.

This is good, the instructor explains, because "you can make yourself feel good on your own so you don't need to have sex with someone else."

You can watch all of the episodes here — if you have the stomach for it.

According to Sex-Ed School's website, the education group is financially backed by the Shaw Rocket Fund, a nonprofit organization that funds Canadian children's television and digital programs and is Canada's largest private investor dedicated to Canadian children's media.

(H/T: FaithWire)

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