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Oxford college plans 'equality conversation' on transgender issues — but bans speech that questions transgender agenda


"...universities and colleges are supposed to be upholding free speech..."

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An Oxford college is being criticized for planning a discussion about transgender issues while banning any dissenting view from being aired during the event.

The discussion planned for Merton College will include "perspectives on trans intersectionality," but will explicitly exclude "language which denies the validity of trans identity."

The talk is being marketed under the ironic name of an "Equality Conversation," according to the Telegraph. Attendees must sign an agreement to not dissent in order to attend.

Critics quickly pointed out the problematic nature of banning free speech at the event.

"My understanding is that universities and colleges are supposed to be upholding free speech," said Oxford University professor Selina Todd.

Todd added that she was "stunned" by the regulation on free speech and said that it set a "dangerous" precedent.

"Merton College seemed to me a place where you could debate calmly and an informed matter," she added, "and the way this has now been couched as 'you're not allowed to debate' has left me staggered."

Oxford sociology professor Michael Biggs said, "The code of conduct seems intended to instill anxiety in the audience, who cannot know what viewpoints are forbidden."

Others called the ban "intellectual cowardice" and "censorship."

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