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'PANDEMONIUM': Dramatic footage as CNN crew is caught between police and protesters in violent clash


'"Absolutely chaotic scene. I have never witnessed anything quite like this!'

(Image source: CNN screenshot)

A CNN crew covering the ongoing Hong Kong protests, which have more than once proved violent over the months. On Friday, thousands took over an airport, clad in black, and tensions escalated quickly.

CNN correspondent Anna Coren was on scene at the airport, clad in protective gear, when fears of violence turned to the reality of it, and she and her crew were right in the middle.

What followed was a dramatic scene that is best watched rather than described.

When she finally had room to speak, Coren attempted to finish her report by offering her eyewitness take.

"Let me tell you what is happening. We have just been charged by riot police, up the escalator, into the train station, this is absolute mayhem," she said. "They have just come at the protesters, wielding batons, spraying pepper spray. It is pandemonium inside here."

"I have no idea how they are planning to disperse these crowds. It is absolute chaos," she said. "Absolutely chaotic scene. I have never witnessed anything quite like this, where there was a peaceful, peaceful demonstration inside. These protesters, they are not trashing anything, all they were doing is standing here. They were being pushed on. Then all of sudden these riot police charged."

Dramatic footage, dramatic description, and a months-long environment of dozens more such scenes as the pro-democracy protests continue to result in confrontations with authorities in Hong Kong.

Here's some additional footage from CNN International.

CNN reporter describes 'chaos' as riot police charge protesters

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