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Mayor was out partying during lockdown. When cops showed up, he hopped in a coffin and pretended to be dead.


Spoiler alert: He didn't get away with it

Photo by: Wolfgang Schweitzer/Oneworld Picture/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

If you're the mayor of a city and tasked with enforcing coronavirus lockdown rules but your buddies have a really great party planned where alcohol will be flowing like water, what's the responsible thing to do?

And if you decide to go to the party because you can't let the alcohol go to waste, what should you do if the cops show up and insist on harshing your buzz?

Peru's Tantara Mayor Jaime Rolando Urbina Torres thought he knew what to do: Get in a coffin and play possum.

What's that now?

Mayor Torres, whose town has been on the coronavirus lockdown for more than two months, decided Monday to party with friends — a clear violation of the town's stay-at-home rules.

When the fuzz showed up, the partygoers scrambled to hide. The mayor's buddies hid in drawers, the U.K.'s Evening Standard said.

Torres chose a more unusual hiding spot. He climbed into a coffin, put on a face mask, and pretended to be dead.

According to The Times (of Britain), the police said the mayor set up the scene to make it look like he was a victim of COVID-19, the New York Post reported.

Cops stated they arrested a drunk Torres for allegedly violating social distancing laws and curfew restrictions.

The Evening Standard said citizens have repeatedly ripped the mayor for being absent during the lockdown and breaking stay-at-home orders he has been tasked with enforcing.

The Post noted that officials have attacked Torres for failing to open emergency shelters and implement safety checks during the pandemic.

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