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Pennsylvania bakery's 'cookie poll' has accurately predicted winners in last three presidential elections — and it shows a landslide in 2020


Perhaps political honchos in this battleground state should be paying attention

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Lochel's — a family-owned bakery in Hatboro, Pennsylvania — has been running a "cookie poll" to coincide with the presidential election ever since the 2008 contest.

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The idea is simple: The bakery whips up cookies decorated blue for the Democratic nominee and red for the Republican nominee — along with the last name of each candidate — and whichever cookie sells the most by Election Day is the winner of the poll.

Thing is, Lochel's says its cookie poll has never been wrong. That's right: The poll gave its nod to former President Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 — as well as to President Donald Trump in 2016.

What about this year?

Well, the bakery told Fox News that despite all the scientific polls revealing huge leads for Democratic nominee Joe Biden, the cookie poll at Lochel's shows Trump the winner by a wide margin — almost 6 to 1.

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"We plan on tallying them up tomorrow night, to do our final tally," owner Kathleen Lochel told the cable network on Monday morning. "But right now, Donald Trump is still in the lead… we've sold about 28,000 [Trump] cookies to 5,000 [of Biden's]. By the end of today's sales, knowing the orders we have, [Trump cookie sales] should probably approach 29,000."

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There you have it. Eat your hearts out, political bigwigs.

Growing in popularity

With Lochel's getting attention in the media of late, folks have been traveling long distances in some cases just to get a taste.

"We had one guy drive twice from Staten Island for them," Lochel told Fox News.

And you know who else dropped in last month? Eric Trump.

The appearance by the president's son was a surprise, Lochel noted to the cable network, adding that his Instagram account said he wanted to sample the wares of the "incredible" bakery after a Philadelphia campaign stop.

"He just showed up to buy cookies unannounced," she noted to Fox News, adding that her husband gave Trump a tour of the bakery. "He was most respectful, and we welcome everyone regardless of political affiliation."

Indeed, Lochel's will be debuting a "celebratory" cookie in honor of the winner, with special sweets planned in the event of either a Trump or Biden victory, the cable network said.

"I think people just love that they're participating in something," Lochel said of the popularity of the cookie poll. "It brings people together, regardless of the Democrats or Republicans."

Political Cookies Predict U.S. Presidential Election - Karen Rogers reports

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