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VIDEO: CNN's Chris Cuomo is stunned by Phil Mudd's reaction to 'bombshell' anti-Trump story


"Boy, I'm about ready to blow a gasket!"

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A revelation being touted as a "bombshell" story against President Donald Trump floundered when presented to CNN analyst Phil Mudd, who stunned host Chris Cuomo with his response.

"Somebody says they heard something as an intel official that troubled them enough to lodge a formal complaint to the IG," asked Cuomo on Wednesday night, "how unusual?"

"Boy, I'm about ready to blow a gasket!" responded Mudd angrily.

"Can you explain, that is extremely unusual, and I listened to presidential phone calls when I was an official at the White House under George W. Bush in 2001," he continued.

"Can you explain to me, A, why it's the intelligence community's responsibility to listen to the president of the United States speaking to a foreign leader?" he asked.

"And B, why did the U.S. intelligence community under the rules provided by the Democrats in Congress are responsible to report to the Congress what the president of the United States says? Last I checked, Chris, when I served, we're responsible for chasing the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians, and terrorists. We're not responsible for reporting to the Congress what the president says," Mudd explained.

"He can say what he wants, Chris!" he exclaimed.

"So you don't like that somebody snitched on the president?" Cuomo said, surprised.

"Correct!" answered Mudd.

The former CIA and FBI official explained patiently to Cuomo that it was well within the right of the president to speak to foreign leaders without spying from the intelligence community at the direction of the Congress.

"The president can say what he wants, it's not the responsibility of the intel guys to go police the president and go snitch on him to the Congress!" Mudd added.

"Ridiculous!" he exclaimed.

Mudd absolutely shut down Cuomo's third attempt to justify the use of U.S. intelligence personnel to snitch on the president, and his fourth attempt citing former President Obama.

"I am ticked off! This is completely inappropriate!" exclaimed Mudd. "And the Congress should not be asking the intel guys to snitch on the president! NO!"

Mudd went on to say that the remedy for someone in the government to object to the president's actions is to quit their position in protest.

Here's the video of Mudd surprising Cuomo:

Phil Mudd: Not job of US intelligence to report on White House www.youtube.com

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