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Piers Morgan savagely eats juicy steak while interviewing vegan protester: 'I love eating steak'
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Piers Morgan savagely eats juicy steak while interviewing vegan protester: 'I love eating steak'

Piers Morgan recently interviewed a vegan activist while eating a delicious steak.

On the latest episode of his show "Piers Morgan Uncensored," Morgan interviewed a vegan activist whose group, Animal Rebellion, protested inside the Nusr-Et Steakhouse in London, which is owned by the Turkish restauranteur known as "Salt Bae."

The broader points that Morgan sought to address were the nutrition side effects of abandoning animal products and why aggressive vegan protesters think intentionally interrupting restaurants is acceptable. The interview, however, immediately went off the rails.

"I don’t like vegans very much. I don’t think any of you are very healthy," Morgan told Animal Rebellion spokesperson Nathan McGovern.

"I’m not surprised by that, Piers," McGovern responded.

"I think you all look pretty pasty-faced and unhealthy to me. But that’s your choice," Morgan fired back. "What I don’t do is I don’t go running into vegan restaurants and start screaming abuse at you all and have to be pulled out by people because you’re ruining everyone’s fun. Why do you do that to meat eaters?"

Later, Morgan added, "[Vegan protesters] have no respect for meat eaters. But if we were doing the same thing to them, they'd all go nuts. ... If I came into your little vegan hellholes and began screaming abuse, you'd all throw your toys out of the pram, as you do on a daily basis."

McGovern, however, defended his group's actions, but could not explain how its tactics will persuade other people to go vegan.

Piers Morgan Eats STEAK In Front Of Vegan Protesterwww.youtube.com

Then one of Morgan's production crew members brought him a plate of steak.

"You see, all you’ve achieved is — you’ve made me want to do this," Morgan said as he ate a piece of a medium-rare steak.

"That’s absolutely fine. You go for it," McGovern responded.

"But here’s my point: I love eating steak. I’m not gonna stop eating steak. And the very last thing on earth that will stop me eating steak is people like you with your pasty faces running into our restaurants, telling us to stop eating steak," Morgan said. "Because you don’t represent to me vitality or good health. You just all look like you want a good bit of steak."

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