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Woman angry at Trump 2020 flag outside pizzeria tells owner she'll put him out of business. But her plan backfires bigly.


'The phones have been ringing off the hook, they haven't stopped ... I mean it's really humbling, it's amazing'

Image source: News12 video screenshot

Guy Caligiuri — owner of Patio Pizza in St. James, New York — said a woman came into his Long Island shop last Friday to pick up an order and got angry after noticing his Trump 2020 flag flying outside.

Caligiuri added that she even threatened to make Patio Pizza the next victim of cancel culture.

"She didn't like it. She said you just lost a customer and I'm an administrator of a social mom's local page and I'm going to post this on and I'm going to put you out of business," Caligiuri told News12 Long Island.

Image source: News12 Long Island video screenshot

What happened next?

Calgiuri told Fox Business host Stuart Varney that he's "been in business for 43 years, and I've seen a lot," so he "just took it in stride... I just ignored it, basically."

But sure enough, the woman made good on her promise and "posted nasty things about me online and was asking the community to boycott Patio Pizza," Caligiuri told the network.

And we've seen how such scenarios go, haven't we? The social media mob gets outraged and delivers immense online pressure, and before you know it, the victim apologizes profusely — or even closes up shop for good.

But as it turns out, the last laugh was on Long Island Karen.

Caligiuri told Fox Business that the following morning Patio Pizza was inundated with customers from all over who also declared their support for President Donald Trump, as well as the pizzeria.

Image source: News12 Long Island video screenshot

"They supported our president," he noted to Varney. "They support the flag that I had hanging in the back of my store."

But that was just for starters.

Big help from on high

After the interview with Varney aired, Fox Business said Trump gave some Twitter love to Caligiuri and Patio Pizza:

"Support Patio Pizza and its wonderful owner, Guy Caligiuri, in St. James, Long Island (N.Y.). Great Pizza!!!" Trump wrote.

After that tweet, Caligiuri said his business switched into an even higher gear.

"The phones have been ringing off the hook, they haven't stopped ... I mean it's really humbling, it's amazing," he told News12, adding that calls of support have come from as far away as Australia.

"I think he's a fantastic president, I think he's done a great job, and I think it's my right to support him and to show my support of him," Caligiuri told Fox Business.

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