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Stunning police bodycam footage captures officer's viewpoint during Nashville Christmas bombing



Image source: YouTube screenshot

A police officer-worn body camera captured footage of the moment a suicide bomber detonated an RV car bomb on Christmas Day in downtown Nashville, Tennessee.

On Friday, a bomber whom police later identified as Anthony Warner detonated a car bomb, killing himself, injuring three bystanders, and damaging dozens of buildings.

What are the details?

As highlighted by Breaking911, Officer Michael Sipos — one of the officers responding to the call of an armed RV — had been issued a body camera days prior to the incident.

The video, which was released by the Nashville Police Department, showed a first-person account of the moments before Warner's RV exploded early Christmas morning.

Moments before it exploded, the RV had been broadcasting recorded messages warning people in the area of a bomb, warning them to evacuate.

Around the video's four-minute mark, the RV explodes, and officers bravely swarm the scene and warn residents away from the area.

What else?

On Sunday, Don Cochran, U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee, said, "Anthony Warner is the bomber. He was present when the bomb went off, and he perished in the bombing."

Following the fatal blast, authorities raided the home of Warner, a resident of Antioch, Tennessee, and ultimately determined that he had acted alone.

Metro Nashville Police Officer James Wells, another responding officer, thanked God for saving his life.

"This might not be politically correct, but this is my truth," Wells said in an interview following the incident, detailing the moments that led to him approach the RV before it exploded. "I literally heard God tell me to turn around and go check on [a fellow female officer], who was by herself down on Broadway."

Following the blast, Wells said that he could only think to protect himself and the female officer.

He said, "I just tell myself to stay on your feet, stay alive. And I just take off in a full-out sprint. And I'm running toward [the female officer] and make sure she's OK. And we kind of meet in the middle and we just grab each other."

WATCH: Insane BodyCam Video Shows Officer's Viewpoint During Nashville Christmas Bombing

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