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Portland cops handcuff female protester, get asked if female cop is there for pat-down. Male officer quips, 'How do you know that I don’t identify as a female?'
Image source: Twitter video screenshot

Portland cops handcuff female protester, get asked if female cop is there for pat-down. Male officer quips, 'How do you know that I don’t identify as a female?'

Woke observers who heard the officer's sarcastic reply were most definitely triggered

Portland police have endured literally months of nightly rioting that left-wing politicians and reporters routinely brushed off as "mostly peaceful protests." They've been getting pelted with rocks, explosives, and other projectiles.

They've put up with physical violence from Antifa and Black Lives Matter militants whose latest escapade was trying to burn down a police precinct — and splashing paint on an elderly woman who dared to stand up to the mob.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

So with that, one Portland cop apparently couldn't resist any longer.

What are the details?

Early Sunday morning before the sun rose, a freelance journalist noticed Portland's finest had handcuffed a female protester.

Video was running as the obligatory pat-down commenced, and the journalist — also a woman — grew suspicious as it apparently looked as though only male officers were on hand.

"Do you have a female officer present while you're patting her down?" the journalist asked.

"No, we don't," an officer replied.

Then at that moment, a different officer chimed in with a comeback for the ages amid the rioting: "How do you know that I don't identify as a female?"

Laughter quickly ensued among his colleagues, all of whom were shrouded in darkness.

That didn't sit too well with a male near the action. "F***in' smart ass," he said.

"We hate you!" another guy yelled at cops as they walked the woman into the back of the police van.

How did observers react?

While a handful of commenters were aghast at the officer's sarcastic take on gender identity, other folks were delighted by the cop's pushback against woke culture:

  • "Brilliant. Love this officer. Use their own rules against them," one commenter said.
  • "This is a great example of how the world the progressive left is creating for themselves will become very uncomfortable," one person wrote. "You can't rely on gender norms if you're an advocate for no gender norms."
  • "Woke political religion has worked hard to create this situation for years now," another commenter opined. "Woke dogma states there are not even biological differences between male or females. That anyone can identify as anything... at any time. Wokeists didn't really think this out very well."
  • "It's a fair question according to most leftists," another noted. "Did you ask or did you just assume because of the officer's looks?"
  • "You got the answer you deserved," one person replied.
  • "And that folks is a 'shazaam,'" another observer said.

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