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President Trump fires back blistering response after London's mayor attacks him unprovoked


Khan said, 'If I don't stand up and call that out I think I'm doing a disservice to Londoners...'

Tim P. Whitby/Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

President Donald Trump ripped London Mayor Sadiq Khan as "incompetent" Tuesday, one day after the British mayor attacked Trump without provocation.

What did Khan say?

Khan mocked Trump for cancelling a trip to Poland commemorating the 80th anniversary of the start of World War II in order to monitor Hurricane Dorian — only to go play golf instead.

"He's clearly busy dealing with a hurricane out on the golf course," Khan, who attended the ceremony in Poland, told Politico.

Khan also claimed Trump "is a guy who amplifies racist tweets; amplifies the tweets of fascists; says things that are deeply objectionable."

"If I don't stand up and call that out I think I'm doing a disservice to Londoners who chose me as their mayor," Khan said.

How did Trump respond?

Trump suggested Khan focus on the issues troubling his city, such "knife crime," instead of concerning himself with American affairs.

"The incompetent Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, was bothered that I played a very fast round of golf yesterday. Many Pols exercise for hours, or travel for weeks. Me, I run through one of my courses (very inexpensive). President Obama would fly to Hawaii," Trump said.

"Kahn should focus on 'knife crime,' which is totally out of control in London. People are afraid to even walk the streets. He is a terrible mayor who should stay out of our business!" he continued.

Knife crime has continually plagued London — a city whose police officers do not carry firearms — over the last decade and the problem is only getting worse.

As London mayor, Khan has enacted "knife control" policies that have proved ineffective. Earlier this summer, Khan blamed the violence epidemic on "austerity."

"The sad reality is the violence we're seeing on our streets today is an appalling side effect of increasing inequality and alienation caused by years of austerity and neglect," he claimed.

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