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Princeton professor rededicates the month of June to God, family, and country, prioritizing virtue over vice
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Princeton professor rededicates the month of June to God, family, and country, prioritizing virtue over vice

Rather than devote the next thirty days to what was up until recently regarded by many Americans as a deadly sin, a Princeton professor of jurisprudence has declared June to be "Fidelity Month."

Dr. Robert George, director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University, is imploring Americans to take this time to acknowledge the "importance of fidelity to God, spouses and families, our country, and our communities."

George indicated in a May 6 statement that what prompted him to act were the perturbing findings of a recent Wall Street Journal-NORC poll.

The poll, conducted at the University of Chicago and published in March, highlighted a "precipitous decline" in the perceived importance of patriotism, religious faith, having children, and community involvement among Americans as compared with respondents' answers 25 years earlier.

Whereas in 1998, 70% of respondents deemed patriotism to be very important, only 38% said so in 2023.

Twenty-five years ago, 62% said religion was important. Now, only 39% believe that to be the case.

While other priorities once held dear by the majority have similarly slipped, the poll noted a steady increase in the perceived importance of wealth.

Recognizing that the "values that used to unite Americans despite our many differences" are rapidly waning and convinced that the mental health crisis among young people is linked, George wrote, "by the authority vested in me by absolutely no one, I have declared June to be 'Fidelity Month.'"

Hunter Baker, a political science professor and dean of arts and sciences at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, indicated that this "response to the decadence of so-called 'Pride Month' ... that ubiquitously celebrates aberrant sexual practices" evinces the spirit of the successful anti-communist Solidarity movement in Poland that helped liberate the nation from the Soviets.

"Fidelity means being faithful — faithful to the values that are most important; being faithful in our spiritual lives, in our marriages, in our lives as citizens and members of communities," George told the Stream in a recent interview. "Fidelity means honoring one’s obligations and commitments. It means keeping one’s promises, being true to one’s word. To be faithful, one must have integrity; often one must have courage."

As opposed to the LGBT activists' kaleidoscopic flag signaling various sexual preferences, George recommended instead advancing a symbol of a myrtle wreath, signifying fidelity.

"The circular shape of the wreath is representative of God and His eternal nature, while the openness at the top of the wreath is suggestive of a divine embrace," said George. "The branches and leaves that compose the wreath signify a family that is dependent upon and in union with God. The star and stripe at the center bottom of the wreath symbolize our common union as Americans — 'one Nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.'"

As for the color scheme, gold reportedly symbolizes both generosity and compassion, while blue symbolizes "truth, loyalty, responsibility, and peace."

Unlike other flags flown this time of year signifying vice, this activist flag would ultimately signify virtue.

"Use the symbol to make and fly a Fidelity Month flag. Use the symbol as your Facebook banner or profile picture or on your website. Think of other things to do," said George.

The professor underscored the importance of parents, teachers, coaches, and role models of other sorts providing a strong example for the next generation for the sake of the country and its future.

"There’s already so much cynicism and skepticism among them. They’ve got to see the real thing, integrity in action," he said. "They need to see people who are faithful to God, to spouses and families, to the country, and to the community. And faithful witness, actual fidelity, means being willing to sacrifice, give up some things like wealth, power, influence, status, and prestige, for the sake of the things that really matter: faith and family and friendship and honor and integrity."

The College Fix indicated that among the events the Catholic conservative has planned for Fidelity Month is a webinar Thursday at 2 p.m. ET involving pro-life activist Lila Rose, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary professor Andrew Walker, and others.

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