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Pro-abortion activist tells kids that abortion is 'part of God's plan'


Co-founder of #ShoutYourAbortion was featured on a popular kids YouTube channel

Image source: Kids Meet YouTube video screenshot

A popular YouTube channel for kids recently featured a pro-abortion activist who described abortion as "part of God's plan" and compared it to "a crappy dentist appointment or something."

Amelia Bonow, the co-founder of ShoutYourAbortion, was featured last week in an episode of "Kids Meet" called "Kids meet someone who has had an abortion."

ShoutYourAbortion is a website that claims that "abortion is normal" and publishes stories from women who are proud of having aborted their babies.

What did she say?

Bonow discussed the topic with children of various ages on the program produced by HiHo Kids in Seattle. She also used the platform to criticize the pro-life movement, describing it as anti-choice in her conversations with the kids.

"I don't call them pro-life. I call them anti-choice," Bonow said. "Because who would disagree with that statement [of] being pro-life?" She added that "pro-life" is propaganda because "they want to deprive people of access to health care."

"Those guys aren't pro-life. I am pro-life," she continued.

One young boy told Bonow that he had written a paper about abortion when he was in fifth grade. He said he believed abortion was acceptable as long as the person was not being "reckless" in their decision, "like if there's nothing wrong going on."

"Do we want people to just have all those babies?" Bonow asked the boy, who shook his head "no" in response to her question.

Then she asked what should be done with all the babies if they aren't aborted.

"Put them up for adoption," he answered.

"I feel like if I am forced to create life, I have lost the right to my own life," Bonow responded. "I should be the one to decide if my body creates a life. Even if you are giving a kid up for adoption, you still like have a kid out there somewhere."

Bonow asked the boy if he was religious.

"I believe in God," the boy answered.

"What do you think that God thinks about abortion?" Bonow asked.

The boy explained that he thinks that God approves since there are still babies being born and then asked her the same question.

"I think it's all part of God's plan," Bonow replied.

In another portion of the video with two young girls, Bonow was asked by one of them to describe having an abortion. She responded:

You go to the doctor and they put this little straw inside of your cervix, and then inside of your uterus and they just suck the pregnancy out. It was like a crappy dentist appointment or something. It was just like, blah — a body thing that was kind of uncomfortable but then it was over and I felt really just grateful that I wasn't pregnant anymore.

Bonow admitted to a teen girl and boy that she had unprotected sex and that's how she ended up pregnant. She explained that she never considered not having an abortion.

"No. For me, it was like an instant feeling. I was like, I am pregnant and I am having an abortion," Bonow told the teens, adding that her partner supported her decision.

What else?

The video has been viewed more than 205,000 times since it was posted Dec. 28.

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