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Pro-abortion Elizabeth Warren attacks Mike Bloomberg for alleged abortion 'kill it' comment


Do unborn lives have value, or not?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) speaks during the Democratic presidential primary debate on Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2020 in South Carolina. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) criticized former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg during Tuesday night's Democratic presidential primary debate in South Carolina for allegedly telling a pregnant employee to "kill it," unintentionally creating some dissonance with her party's abortion stance, which often undermines the humanity of the unborn.

Warren has claimed that she was once the victim of pregnancy discrimination by her employer, and attacked Bloomberg for allegedly discriminating against a pregnant employee at his company. Bloomberg denied that he ever told a pregnant employee to get an abortion.

While telling her story of being fired from a job at age 21 after her employer found out she was pregnant, Warren pivoted to a shot at Bloomberg.

"At least I didn't have a boss who said to me, 'Kill it,' the way that Mayor Bloomberg is alleged to have said," Warren said.

If Bloomberg made that comment, which is alleged by a woman who worked for him in a 1998 lawsuit and corroborated by another employee, then Warren is correct in her criticism — it is discrimination against a pregnant woman. Pro-lifers would note that it also actually does kill a human.

Warren is a strong advocate for abortion. She wants abortion rights granted through Roe v. Wade to be codified into federal law, so that states can't enact pro-life laws of their own. Warren also supports government funding of abortion through Medicare for All.

Warren has celebrated Roe for making abortion "safer than getting your tonsils out," and last year she voted against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which seeks to require physicians to treat babies who survive failed abortions. She didn't vote on the bill this week because she was in South Carolina for the debate during the a procedural vote that blocked the bill Tuesday.

Warren's attack on Bloomberg, as well as media coverage of the Born-Alive bill, reveals the line pro-abortion advocates draw regarding the personhood of an unborn child: If the child is wanted, it's a baby. But, if the child is unwanted, it is a fetus or a clump of cells that can be discarded at will.

A CNN article highlighted this when it described the Born-Alive bill as one that would "require abortion providers to work to 'preserve the life and health' of a fetus that was born following an attempted abortion as they would for a newborn baby, or face up to five years in prison" (emphasis mine).

This writer's perspective

Abortion is wrong, and abortion kills.

That's true whether the baby is wanted or not, and it's true regardless of whether or not it is politically convenient as an attack on an opponent.

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