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Pro-police activists change just one letter in 'Defund the Police' mural to completely change meaning


Defend the police

Image source: WITV-TV screenshot

A "Defund the Police" mural painted outside the Milwaukee City Hall received a makeover from law enforcement supporters last week that completely changed the painting's message.

According to WITI-TV, the words "Defund the Police" were painted onto the street outside Milwaukee City Hall last Wednesday. Other cities across the country have taken similar action to show support for social justice movements.

But on Friday, pro-police activists painted over one letter to completely change the meaning of the painting.

The activists changed the "u" in the word "defund" to an "e" — turning the anti-law enforcement message on its head to read, "Defend the Police."

Image source: WITI-TV screenshot

However, just hours after the anti-police mural was altered, the city had reverted the painting to again communicate an anti-law enforcement message, WITI reported.

Activists reportedly painted the mural without permission from the city.

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