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Progressives bitterly lash out at Democrats over report that 'squad politics' has tanked the party's chances in the midterms

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The progressive wing of the Democratic party lashed out angrily over a report in Axios detailing how top Democrats believe the politics of "the quad" has damaged the party and sunk their chances in the midterm elections.

The report says that many Democrats blame the group of far left progressives for pushing unpopular policies like defunding the police, renaming schools, and toppling statues.

Democrats faced an uphill battle already in the midterm election given that more of their seats are up for election than those currently belonging to Republicans. Polling in recent months shows that Americans are rejecting Democratic policies, further worsening their chances.

The report highlighted the stunning recall of three progressive members of the San Francisco school board, explaining, "the most liberal city in the most liberal state decided that liberal activists had gone too far."

Internal polling showed that Americans saw Democrats as "preachy," "judgmental," and "focused on culture wars" instead of solving real problems.

While the aides to the squad members didn't comment for the report, some of the congress members responded on Twitter.

"In case you hadn’t caught on by now, every time there’s a media push blaming progressives, there’s something conservative Democrats are trying to cover up. This time it’s that they sent 4 million kids into poverty because they killed the Child Tax Credit. Don’t get distracted," replied Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.).

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responded with an emoji symbol of agreement, but in her own tweet, she blamed capitalism for the report.

"Truly wild how these folks called the shots & got their desired nominees, agenda, priorities, legislative order, and excluded us from participating in campaigns yet find no shortage of ppl willing to write as their uncritical stenographers. This is how capital & power works folks," she tweeted.

Others on social media responded by calling the report "racist and sexist."

The social media kerfuffle is just the latest in the battle waged by far left progressives to wrestle control of the Democratic party away from the centrist establishment wing.

Here's more about the Democrats' polling troubles:

56 percent of Americans approve of nothing Biden has done: CNN pollwww.youtube.com

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