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Racism accusations hit after HS appears to limit Multicultural Week lunch to students, staff 'of color.' Soon school makes 'editing adjustment' to invite.

Image source: Lincoln High School - Seattle / Facebook page

"Students and staff members of color" were originally invited to attend a Seattle public school's Multicultural Week potluck lunch set for Friday, according to a KTTH-AM story from conservative commentator Jason Rantz.

With that, observers reacted angrily to what appeared to be an exclusionary event at Lincoln High School, resulting in a number of racism accusations on social media.

But since then an updated invitation has been posted to the school's website, saying "any student is invited" to the potluck.

What are the details?

Rantz said the school's Multicultural Week runs through Friday, March 17, and that Principal Corey Eichner said it's meant to “promote cultural visibility” with events by the Black Student Union, Latino Student Union, and Asian Student Union. Rantz also said Eichner penned a message in a school newsletter stating that "students and staff of color and/or those who identify with any group represented by BSU/LSU/ASU are invited for a lunch potluck" Friday.

The message, Rantz said, "ironically" linked to "the Seattle Public School’s ... non-discrimination policy. The district promises not to 'discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of' race, color, ancestry, and national origin."

"This racist event purposefully rejects white students, implying they’re somehow unsafe to be around while celebrating multiculturalism," Rantz added in his piece. "It also rejects European cultures. Italians, French, Germans, and others aren’t 'of color.' Neither are Jews, as we’re considered (and almost always identify as) white."

Rantz also opined that "they’re not promoting cultural visibility, they’re keeping it private under the auspices of creating a so-called 'safe space' for people of color, pretending they can’t be themselves when whites are around. Of course, the acceptance of different cultures on campus is evident from the existence of a Multicultural Week."

A number of folks on social media were equally aghast, complaining of racism in pointed comments underneath a Twitter post from Eichner about Multicultural Week.

Another commenter under a similar post from Eichner had the following to say:

The commenter added image showing a block of text that appears to be the school's original invitation.

Rantz's story was published Tuesday and was updated Wednesday. On Friday the link to the message that Rantz said was from the principal explaining that "students and staff members of color" were invited to the potluck produced a "page not found" error message.

However, a Thursday "update" about Multicultural Week was posted to the school's website that reads, "As part of our celebration this week, a number of our student union clubs have planned a combined lunch gathering on Friday. This has been part of the planning of our student leaders. As with all our clubs, any student is invited to join and bring their lunch on Friday."

What did Seattle Public Schools have to say?

TheBlaze on Friday asked Seattle Public Schools if it's accurate that the original potluck invitation was limited to "students and staff of color and/or those who identify with any group represented by BSU/LSU/ASU" — and if so, what brought about the invitation change.

A district spokesman replied, saying, "No, it is not accurate that the original potluck invitation was limited to certain students and staff. It was, and is, open to all." The spokesman went on to tell TheBlaze that "the [invitation] 'change' was simply an editing adjustment to more accurately reflect the reality" and that "the event has always been open to all."

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