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Rapper goes viral for decrying BLM: 'It’s not our movement'
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Rapper goes viral for decrying BLM: 'It’s not our movement' — it 'was given to us by ... George Soros and his f***ing boys'

This drew a lot of attention to say the least

Rapper Lord Jamar says that Black Lives Matter is not the black population's movement and is serving only to distract the black community from a mission of peace and equality.

What are the details?

In an interview with SCUM, the 51-year-old rapper — real name Lorenzo Dechalus — said that the Black Lives Matter movement was created by leftist billionaire George Soros.

"I'm not no Black Lives Matter supporter," he admitted during the interview. "No. Absolutely not. Because it's not our movement. This is a movement that was given to us by, you know, George Soros and his f***ing boys. Because they saw how things were going, and they didn't want to go back to the '60s to where we started having our own organic movements."

Jamar added that such "organic movements" were a "big f***ing problem for them."

"So let's give the people a movement that we can control," he explained. "We'll provide them the leaders and all this type of s**t. That's what Black Lives Matter is."

Jamar also blasted the movement's leadership, which happens to be all-female: Patrisse Khan-Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi.

He explained that the women — who he says are lesbians — are attempting to manipulate LGBTQ equality into the Black Lives Matter movement and make it a black issue.

"These lesbian women who are trying to, you know, incorporate LG — whatever the f*** the letters are — incorporate their concerns into black people's concerns," he added.

Content warning: Rough language:

Anything else?

In June, Jamar said that many of the protests following the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis were staged by paid instigators.

"This is something that's being influenced, agitated, there are people that are paid agitators that are out there right now who are doing certain things that ultimately we as black people are going to get the blame for," he insisted. "You've got black people out here actually trying to stop them from doing this s**t!"

He also added that much of America is attempting to inflame tensions between minorities and white Americans.

"America is trying to start a race war," he said. "America has been trying to ... get black people to react in a violent way as a protest against all the murders and stuff that they've been doing. But we didn't do it. We didn't do it, partially because the type of youth that exists today are not as politically astute as the youth that existed when I was coming up."

Jamar, who is best known for being a part of the group Brand Nubian, is also an actor and appeared as Supreme Allah in "Oz."

Content warning: Rough language:

Lord Jamar: Most People Looting Are White, Some Riots Are Staged by Paid Agitators (Part 1)www.youtube.com

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