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Treat 'plants like people': Couple who eat roadkill and iguanas advise others to 'acknowledge plants as beings'

Images via SWNS / YouTube (screenshots)

A Florida couple survives off of limited trips to markets by growing plants and seeds, while eating found roadkill along with possum and iguana.

Eric Lewis, 41, and Jess Russell, 26, say that they make meals from "wild food" every day and spend only about $50 at the supermarket for treats and drinks.

"We get sweet drinks and treats – if we just got what we needed it would be $20," Lewis said, according to Metro.

The couple routinely catches and prepares roadkill, which has included: deer, possum, groundhog, squirrel, wild turkey, and duck.

Lewis — a Knoxville, Maryland, native — said every part of the dead animals is used, including deer bones for broth or for his dog.

Lewis was pictured with a giant, decapitated lizard, which the couple also eats.

"If you can get over the fear and discomfort of this being a dead animal, you can recognize it was a life lived in freedom and respect it. Nothing had to die for it," Lewis continued.

"I eat nettles, Sochan – which is the same family as a black-eyed Susan – and sunflowers. Now the berries are coming in – we have it in smoothies for half the year. We pick goumi berries and blackberries," he added.

Other necessities are picked up from neighboring farmers, who keep chickens and provide Lewis and Russell with eggs.

Lewis reportedly spent his late 20s in part living in a tent in the woods and took up much of his time meditating and doing yoga. This was preceded by foraging lessons from his late uncle, who taught him how to seek out edible herbs and plants.

While he once worked as a painter (just one day per week), Lewis stopped once it was brought to his attention that he lived on a blueberry patch. Since that discovery, he has turned his property into a nursery, growing fruits, nuts, and edible plants.

Lewis insists that plants should be treated "like people" and be acknowledged as "beings" worthy of respect and love, according to SNWS.

"Acknowledge plants as beings while treating them respectfully and lovingly. Train your mind to think about what is around you," Lewis advised.

The happy couple was pictured with their dog, Leela, and suggested that others learn about plant harvesting and ecology.

"As we develop relations with plants and incorporate into diet, share that with others."

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