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Rush Limbaugh's widow opens up on losing the legendary broadcaster, details his incredible funeral: 'Rush is just shy of a president'


'It couldn't have been more fitting'

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Kathryn Limbaugh, widow of the late Rush Limbaugh, says that losing her husband has been very difficult for her and the legendary broadcaster's loved ones.

The 70-year-old conservative icon passed away in February after battling Stage 4 lung cancer.

What are the details?

In a Tuesday discussion with "The Rush Limbaugh Show" guest host Todd Herman, Kathryn said that grieving the loss of her husband is a process.

"I'm doing OK," she told Herman. "Of course, it's a very difficult time. But I really, truly feel we are all going through this process together, and it's very much a process. And I think it helps us to all be together and grieve in a sense and keep our Rush with us in that way."

Kathryn recalled Rush's funeral, saying that the day of his burial was a beautiful one.

"It was an absolutely gorgeous day, slightly chilly, but nothing like the icy snow that Missouri had a few days prior," she said. "The sun was shining brightly and the really crisp air, and this cemetery is very historic. It has a lot of historic figures such as William Clark of the Lewis and Clark expedition and others. And just to picture it, it might remind you a bit of Arlington or other historic cemeteries around the world, with winding hills and pathways and big trees that are bare right now, but in the upcoming months, they will be full and green and very lovely to walk around."

She continued, "I've always said Rush is just shy of a president, in my opinion. And we did a funeral that was very worthy of him. So we concentrated a lot on tradition and ceremony at every turn. From the moment that he left the house here in Palm Beach, there was a procession escorting Rush to the transport plane that would take him to St. Louis, and then when we arrived in St. Louis, there was a procession leading to the cemetery."

"So he was never left alone in any aspect of this, and then once we got to the cemetery there was a horse-drawn carriage waiting for him, and it was simply stunning," she recalled. "There will be some pictures for you to see, but you could hear the clacking of the horse hooves as we walked through the cemetery following behind Rush. You could hear the singing of the birds. It was very peaceful, very beautiful. And we followed behind the horse-drawn carriage until we reached the chapel. And when we reached the chapel, we had a small service in the chapel, which is located in the cemetery. Rush was escorted into the chapel to his favorite version of The Battle Hymn of the Republic."

"And you can picture hearing that song and seeing the American flag draped over Rush at the front of the chapel," Kathryn added. "It was perfectly fitting and absolutely beautiful. And then once we had a small ceremony there within the chapel, we followed behind Rush again in the carriage leading down towards the burial site. And it was just stunning, if you can imagine, looking forward through a winding road to see this beautiful carriage with Rush in it and then flags around his gravesite. So as we approached the gravesite you could see these powerful American flags waving in the wind and the sun was shining directly on that spot. It couldn't have been more fitting."

Of her husband's death, Kathryn said that Rush went peacefully into the afterlife.

"I have his wedding ring and a cross on a chain around my neck, keeping him with me every day, every moment," she said. 'Rush didn't know after which EIB show he would follow God's plan to return to heaven. He went peacefully. Yes, he was greeted by many when he arrived back home."

You can listen to the segment in its entirety here.

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