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Salon writer claims 'male rage fueling MAGA' to blame for women being punched in New York City
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Salon writer claims 'male rage fueling MAGA' to blame for women being punched in New York City

A Salon writer was mocked and ridiculed after blaming the "male rage fueling MAGA" for several incidents of women being punched in the face in New York City.

The progressive news and opinion website published the bizarre claim on social media on Monday in an article by Amanda Marcotte claiming that the attacks were animated by the same misogyny behind support for former President Donald Trump.

These stories resonate, as well, because the nation is having a moment of increasingly unhinged male fury at women for daring to have lives that are centered around something other than catering to a man's every whim. Unleashed by Donald Trump and the MAGA movement, there's an upswell of loud male entitlement shouting at us from every corner.

The article documented that six female victims were interviewed about the incidents by CNN but dozens were being reported on social media. At least three suspects in the unprovoked violence have been arrested, and a fourth is being sought.

The social media post on the article read, "Men punching random women in NYC: A desperate last gasp of the male rage fueling MAGA."

'Hyperpartisan hatermongering horse****"

Critics of the left immediately pounced on the tweet as the latest example of bizarre news media framing.

"Beyond parody," responded Charles C.W. Cooke of National Review.

"Actually, drug-crazed and violent criminals target people who can’t fight back, and that’s usually unarmed women. We can fix the problem by locking these men in prison or psych wards. It’s really that simple, and doesn’t require a ninth-grade feminist think piece in Salon," replied New York City Councilwoman Vickie Paladino.

"Amanda Marcotte has discovered the secret MAGA male rage underbelly of dark red Manhattan," joked attorney Scott Greenfield.

"Can’t wait for more journalism layoffs," said Christiana Pushaw.

"What in the f*** is wrong with you?! Amanda Marcotte @Salon shows her ass in this steaming pile of hyperpartisan hatermongering horse**** of an article," read another critical response.

The author responds

Marcotte replied to the ridicule on social media by claiming that it just proved she was right all along.

"Man, I knew this article was super true when I wrote it, but the hateful emails MAGA men are sending doubly prove it. Hit dogs, as they say, holler," she said on social media.

"Oh men, just know that your angry emails are going unread. If I see a man's name on the email and a mention of punching women, I know what you're going to say and will delete without a read," she added. "I can see that you feel seen and do not like it!"

Here's more about the woman punching spree:

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