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Sanders' top advisor busted for publicizing misleading economic statistics: 'shameless, dishonest, hackery'
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Sanders' top advisor busted for publicizing misleading economic statistics: 'shameless, dishonest, hackery'

A top advisor to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was caught publicizing misleading statistics on the economy on social media and he responded by blocking his critics.

Warren Gunnels posted the average weekly wages, median home prices, monthly rent, and tuition and fees at the University of California for 1972 and also for 2022.

"Boomer: But why can't the slackers pay for college & pay off their loans like we did?," Gunnels added sarcastically.

The tweet went mega-viral with more than 226k likes and 55k retweets.

When some tried to confirm Gunnels' numbers, they discovered that some of the statistics were adjusted for inflation and others were not.

"You used inflation adjusted dollars for wages and unadjusted for all costs. This is a complete waste of time. What is the purpose of this blatant dishonesty? Oh wait, you are a staff director for @BernieSanders - that explains it," read one response.

Gunnels responded to some criticism by simply blocking people who pointed out the misleading stats.

"Bernie Sanders' top economic policy advisor posts blatantly false economic data, and then blocks everyone who corrects it. That's bad enough for a random Twitter troll. But for the lead Senate staffer on the Senate Budget Committee, its just shameless, dishonest, hackery," posted Brian Riedl of the Manhattan Institute.

Other critics posted screenshots of Gunnels' having blocked them on Twitter.

Rather than admit that he was misleading people, Gunnels simply reposted the numbers adjusted for inflation.

The Biden administration has been excoriated by many over the student loan debt forgiveness program announced on Wednesday. Apart from being unconstitutional, the order also relieves debt from some high wage earners by saddling taxpayers with the bill.

Here's more about Biden's debt forgiveness program:

Biden's student loan forgiveness plan is a 'horrible idea,' says Kevin O’Learywww.youtube.com

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