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Supreme Court gives President Trump a big victory on the border wall


"Wow! Big VICTORY on the Wall," said the president

Photo credit: ARIANA DREHSLER/AFP/Getty Images

The Supreme Court announced a key victory for the Trump administration, which was seeking to divert $2.5 billion of funding in order to construct his promised border wall.

Critics of the president argued that Congress has the "power of the purse" as expressed in the Constitution and it was outside of executive power to divert funds from projects they voted for to a project they rejected.

Five justices on the Supreme Court said that the administration could continue construction, striking down decisions by lower courts to freeze the action. Four liberal justices dissented.

The litigation was made on the behalf of the Sierra Club and Southern Border Communities Coalition by the ACLU.

The president tweeted in celebration of the decision from his official social media account.

"Wow! Big VICTORY on the Wall," he tweeted.

"The United States Supreme Court overturns lower court injunction, allows Southern Border Wall to proceed," he added. "Big WIN for Border Security and the Rule of Law!"

The president also celebrated a victory earlier Friday when he announced that he had reached a deal with the government of Guatemala to deal with the influx of asylum-seekers to the U.S. border.

Here's more on the momentous ruling:

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