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Woman finds SD card with video of a murder in Alaska, and it leads to a suspect being charged


The memory card was labeled, "homicide at midtown Marriott."

Image Source: YouTube screenshot

An Alaska woman's discovery of an SD card led police to charge a man with a murder after they examined the disturbing video and photos that were found.

The woman found the card on the ground and was shocked to find what appeared to be video and photos of the murder of a dark-haired woman.

The card was labeled, "homicide at midtown Marriott."

Two days after the SD card was given to police, human remains were discovered alongside a highway south of Anchorage.

The video allegedly contains the voice of the man who is killing the victim.

Police later charged 48-year-old Brian Smith with the murder, partly because of his accent. He is a native of South Africa, and a detective listening to the video was also working a separate investigation involving Smith.

Police say they then obtained cellphone records that place Smith at the location where the remains were found, and within minutes of the last photograph being taken.

They believe that Smith took the photos and videos himself.

Smith is charged with one degree of first class murder, and his bail has been set at $750,000.

The victim was later identified as 30-year-old indigenous woman Kathleen Henry.

Here's a local news video of the investigation:

Woman makes shocking discovery on Alaska street

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