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Actor Sean Penn refuses to go back to film set until 100% of the crew is vaccinated

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Hollywood actor Sean Penn said he is refusing to return to the set of his latest film series until 100% of the crew is vaccinated.

Penn is starring in "Gaslit," a political series related to the Watergate break-in, but he is refusing to report to the set until NBCUniversal forces every person on the film crew to get vaccinated.

"My feeling is this, is that if I believe, as I do, that if you want to not get vaccinated you have every right to stay home," Penn said.

"I do not believe people have a right to, you know, point loaded guns in other people's faces, which is what they do when they go unvaxxed into the population," he explained. "So with knowing that there are restraints on the federal government and that private companies are able to mandate vaccination, I just didn't want to be complicit in being part of a company that wasn't doing that."

Penn went on to say that the social distancing guidelines already in place were not stringent enough.

"So I will be returning to the set when 100% of the crew, because they try to focus this on zone one, meaning those who are involved directly with actors, and I think it's something of an obscenity because you're not caring for those other people that are in the other unions," he added.

In another interview, he said that vaccines should be mandated by the government.

The series is being filmed in California where the Delta variant of the coronavirus is fueling a resurgence of the pandemic. The state is seeing a seven-day average of 13,000 new daily cases after experiencing a previous peak of 45,000 new daily cases in December. Deaths have stabilized at 89 per day after a previous high of 600 daily deaths in January.

The famously liberal actor tried to take a swipe at Evangelical Christians in February but was mocked mercilessly for his ignorance of his target.

Here's the video of Penn's comments:

Sean Penn on not returning to 'Gaslit' until entire crew is vaccinated www.youtube.com

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