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VIDEO: BLM protesters celebrate blocking Seattle highway until Washington State Patrol troopers take them down hard


One protester berated a black trooper with racial epithets

Image Source: Twitter video screenshot

Black Lives Matter protesters were stunned when Washington State Patrol troopers responded with swift and forceful action when they shut down a highway Friday morning.

Protesters taking part in the "Morning March" demonstration celebrated when they interrupted the morning commute of hard-working people on Interstate Highway 5.

Video posted on Twitter showed the highway coming to a complete standstill.

Protesters raised their fists in defiance and danced on the highway as one supporter played a trombone.

Image Source: Twitter video screenshot

"Make yourself independent from all the dependencies that America places amongst you!" said one protester through a bullhorn. "This is not a cry for help, this is a shake to wake you up to reality!"

Image Source: Twitter video screenshot

Washington State Patrol troopers arrived and arrested some of the drivers of the cars in order to clear the way for traffic. In one altercation captured on video, about five troopers forcefully dragged one driver out a car for the arrest.

In the video, another protester argues with a trooper who yells at her to "stand back!"

Instead, the female protester, who is black, berates a black trooper with a racial epithet.

"You are a f***ing house n***a! You are a house n***a!" she yells.

Trooper Rick Johnson, a spokesman for the Washington State Patrol, said on Twitter that nine cars were impounded and traffic resumed after the arrests. He also indicated that the traffic backed up from the protest led to a collision, which hastened the decision to shut down the demonstration.

"The information I have is the distraction of the freeway being shut down in the [southbound] lanes was a contributing factor in this collision," said Johnson.

Despite the setback, an organizer for the protests told The Stranger that they would continue blocking traffic.

"They got some of our people, our cars, our property," Elisha Ewing said. "But we'll be back at it. I'm literally breathing right now, and that's protesting."

Nine people were arrested for suspicion of disorderly conduct.

Here's aerial footage of the arrests in Seattle:

Aerials of traffic after 9 arrested for blocking I-5 during Seattle protestwww.youtube.com

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