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Seth Rogen's attempt to downplay brazen crime in Los Angeles blows up in his face: 'Champagne socialist'

Jesse Grant/Getty Images for AMC

Liberal actor Seth Rogen was hit with swift backlash this week after he attempted to downplay brazen street crime in Los Angeles.

What happened?

YouTuber Casey Neistat, who now lives in Los Angeles, said Wednesday that his car had been broken into, and that, fortunately, quick-acting police officers arrested the perpetrator and recovered stolen items.

"[S]o our cars got robbed this morning because Los Angeles is a crime riddled 3rd world s***hole of a city but tremendous appreciation and gratitude to the hardworking officers at the @LAPDWestLA who not only arrested the motherf***** but they got all of our stolen goods back," Neistat explained.

That's when Rogen chimed in. Not only did the actor downplay the serious problem of crime in Los Angeles, but he even put a positive spin on crime, saying that sometimes criminals leave items when they break into cars.

"Dude I've lived here for over 20 years. You're nuts haha. It's lovely here. Don't leave anything valuable in it. It's called living in a big city," Rogen told Neistat.

"[I] can still be mad tho right? feel so violated," Neistat shot back.

"You can be mad but I guess I don't personally view my car as an extension of myself and I've never really felt violated any of the 15 or so times my car was broken in to," Rogen then said. "Once a guy accidentally left a cool knife in my car so if it keeps happening you might get a little treat."

"[I] didn't get any treats. he just took the decorations for my daughters 7th birthday party and left bloody hand prints," Neistat responded, "serious question; how did you get your car broken into 15 times?"

"I lived in West Hollywood for 20 years and parked on the street," Rogen responded. "Also it sucks your shit was stolen but LA is not some s***hole city. As far as big cities go it has a lot going for it."

What was the response?

Rogen's comments triggered a raucous response.

Critics said that Rogen's dismissive response highlighted just how privileged he is: that he is rich enough that he doesn't need to worry about crime. Others pointed out the irony of Rogen saying his car has been broken into 15 times while at the same time downplaying crime levels in Los Angeles.

  • "Defending the quality of life in your city by referencing the 15 times your car was broken into and the possibility that you may get a free weapon left by a criminal, is not the defense you think it is. Nobody should accept lawlessness," one person said.
  • "ah, yes, the millionaire is not bothered, so the rest of us don't bother as well. Check your bubble, Seth," another person responded.
  • "When people talk about celebrities being disconnected from the reality of normal people, this is what they are talking about, @Sethrogen. I get it, you're trying to be Mr. Nice Guy, but you're really being Mr. Snootypants," one person said.
  • "Dude, that is not normal, having your car broken into. To average people, a car is the second most valuable asset they own, and yes that is a violation," another person pointed out.
  • "Must be nice to have this kind of privilege," one person mocked.
  • "Ah, celebrities. Claims that their ridiculous levels of wealth mean they're completely out of touch are nonsense. After all, we all agree our car getting stolen as a big nothing. No financial conseqs to our lives at all. Just get another one, easy! It's called 'living in a city'!" another person mocked.
  • "As a champagne socialist, @Sethrogen recognizes that his limousine in Malibu belongs to the people. A guy who breaks into his car is an undocumented chauffeur," another person said.
  • "Say you're so wealthy you're completely disconnected from common people without telling me you're so wealthy you're completely disconnected from common people," another person responded.
  • "Imagine being so rich and privileged you can afford not to be worried if your car gets broken into," another person mocked.
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