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WATCH: Sky News promo has Trump casting giant, diaper-clad shadow across UK ahead of state visit


This new promo for the network's coverage of Trump's visit will test the eye of the beholder.

(Image source: Twitter screenshot)

Well, this is something, alright. It's the new promo that Sky News has put out to pitch their wall-to-wall coverage of President Trump's three-day state visit to the UK, which begins on Monday, June 3rd.

The ad shows a giant shadow crossing over London, Buckingham Palace, even the Queen, as dramatic music swells to a crescendo, when the shadow's caster is revealed: a giant blimp of Trump as a baby in diapers.


That blimp or parade balloon, whatever you may call it, has made several appearances since Trump took office, as Blaze readers surely recall.

That is truly a test of the eye of the beholder. Are they mocking him? Fearing him? Is it casting him as bigger than the UK? More important? What is his shadow?

Or it's just a humorous play on the fact that he's coming, that his visit is really big news, and also that the baby ballon that protesters use every time he crosses the pond or there's a protest has become a bit of a cultural phenomenon.

That would be my bet. But hey, what do I know, I'm just an American.

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