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Soros-backed DA Gascón allegedly used 'mafia tactics' to intimidate LA prosecutor who exposed woke policies
Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Tatiana Chahoian (Image Source: KTTV video screenshot)

Soros-backed DA Gascón allegedly used 'mafia tactics' to intimidate LA prosecutor who exposed woke policies

Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Tatiana Chahoian recently told KTTV that her boss, George Soros-backed District Attorney George Gascón, used "mafia tactics" to intimidate her after she exposed his soft-on-crime policies.

On February 26, Chahoian blew the whistle on Gascón by informing the media that a recent memo urged prosecutors not to pursue crimes related to reckless driving, street racing, and street takeovers that do not result in injuries. Chahoian told KTTV that she was in "a state of shock" when she received the communication from Gascón.

"The same conduct that we're talking about here is the same conduct that results in the death of so many people. It's like saying if somebody shoots at somebody else, and they're a bad shot, and they miss, we're not going to file charges because nothing happened," she told the news outlet.

Chahoian said that two days after she exposed the memo's instructions, two police officers showed up at her home to deliver a letter from Gascón's office.

"It was a three-page letter telling me that I lied, telling me that I violated policies with Gascón's office and that I didn't obtain approval before speaking out, as if I don't have a First Amendment right and essentially telling me to be quiet and meet with my supervisor," she explained.

Fox News Digital reported that Laura Kessner, Gascón's central operations director, wrote in the letter to Chahoian, "Your statements to the media were untrue, a misrepresentation of the communication from Head Deputy John Harlan, conflicted with the LADA [personnel policy handbook], and were misleading to the public."

"Your statements were also a disservice to your colleagues who work diligently every day to promote public safety in an ethical manner," the letter reportedly read.

Chahoian told KTTV that she is "very afraid" she may lose her job.

"I mean, silencing people by threatening them with the police is literally a mafia tactic, and I don't work for the mob," Chahoian remarked, noting that the correspondence from Gascón's office could have been delivered via email.

"We don't live in a third-world country where police are sent to people's homes to intimidate them into silence," she added.

Gascón, who has already dodged two recall efforts, has been met with incredible frustration and pushback from the Los Angeles County community for his soft-on-crime policies. Last month, during a district attorney debate, the mother of a shooting victim confronted Gascón for having "more sympathy" for criminals than victims, Blaze News previously reported.

In response to Chahoian's allegations, Gascón's office told KTTV, "We cannot comment on specific personnel matters. Saying that, honesty is critically important to any prosecutor's office. Addressing false claims made by District Attorney staff or the media is a fundamental responsibility of this office — failure to do so fuels distrust in the important work we do every day, undermining our duty to the public and to justice."

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