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Spike Lee put a black Trump supporter in his latest movie because 'Some negroes...will drink the orange Kool-Aid'


'But it's a very, very small percentage'

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Film director Spike Lee included a black Trump supporter in his latest movie, and he explained his reason for the choice using some colorful language, the Daily Wire reported.

The movie, called "Da 5 Bloods," is a story about five black Vietnam veterans who return to Vietnam decades later to recover the remains of some fallen soldiers and a stash of buried gold. One of the men is a supporter of President Donald Trump, a character Lee says will bring some "tension" to the movie, although he says the character is handled with dignity.

"Well, there are some negroes that have drunk or will drink the orange Kool-Aid that's coming in November, but it's a very, very small percentage and I needed — we needed that — my co-writer Ken Wilmott and I put some tension in the group," Lee said.

The actor who plays the Trump supporter, Delroy Lindo, said he had a hard time accepting the role due to concerns about how he might be perceived. Lindo tried to suggest that the character just be a conservative, but Lee insisted that he be a Trump supporter.

"I remember saying to Spike, 'I've got a 17-year-old son, man. I don't want him seeing me representing this person,'" Lindo said of the experience. "It had to do with my values, as a parent and as a being on the planet, feeling that I would be representing an individual who is … I don't have the words to discuss this individual."

Lee has been insulting and dismissive of black Trump supporters in the past, including a post mocking black conservatives praying for President Trump at the White House.

"Massa, We Love You, Massa. We Gonna Pray Fo' You Massa. Singing- 'Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,'" Lee mockingly wrote in an Instagram post from earlier this year.

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