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Spoof video ruthlessly mocks woke Spotify employees trying to censor Joe Rogan's podcast


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Image Source: YouTube screenshot

A new video posted on YouTube mercilessly mocks the contingent of social justice warrior Spotify employees reportedly demanding "editorial" rights over Joe Rogan's wildly famous podcast, "The Joe Rogan Experience."

What are the details?

The video, produced by comedian JP Sears, features Sears and fellow comedian, Brent Pella, pretending to be woke Spotify employees demanding company executives to allow them to edit and censor Rogan's podcast.

Spotify Employees Censoring Joe Roganyoutu.be

Throughout the video, the two "employees" unwittingly rebuke their own claims with nonsensical explanations about how Rogan is transphobic, misogynistic, racist, anti-vegan, and the list goes on.

"He's transphobic!" Sears exclaims. "He's always talking about how he likes trans people, which means he doesn't love trans people, which means he hates trans people."

"Hateful Joe Rogan has built a massive audience because people enjoy and respect what he and his guests have to say. But who knows better than his audience what they want to hear? We do!" Pella insists in jest.

The video even mocks the idea that Spotify should care about low-level staffers more than its million-dollar moneymaker. In May, Rogan signed a licensing agreement with Spotify worth more than $100 million.

"But the executives at Spotify won't cater to our demands," Sears jokingly complains. "It's almost like they value a $100 million asset more than they value a $49,000 asset!'

Rogan, who has laughed off the controversy, evidently got a kick out of the video and posted it on Twitter.

What's the background?

The premise of the spoof video isn't actually an exaggeration at all, though. Last week, news broke that a group of activist employees at Spotify did indeed demand editorial rights and threatened a "full-blown strike" if their demands were not met.

According to Digital Music News, who first reported on the matter, the demands included "the ability to directly edit or remove sections of upcoming interviews, or block the uploading of episodes deemed problematic" and "the ability to add trigger warnings, corrections, and references to fact-checked articles on topics discussed by Rogan in the course of his multi-hour discussions."

Reportedly, much of the backlash centered around a July episode of the podcast in which Rogan interviewed Wall Street Journal writer, Abigail Shrier, who recently authored a book titled, "Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters." During the episode, Shrier criticized the transgender movement for pressuring young girls into transitioning.

Responding to the news of a possible strike, Rogan defended his show and his right to free speech. He also took a swing at the activist employees, saying, "I get it, you're a 23-year-old woke kid and you're working for this company and you think you're gonna put your foot down, I get it."

What else?

MMA fighter Tim Kennedy, more than just finding the controversy comical, was outraged at the news that employees were attempting censor Rogan.

In a post on Instagram last week, Kennedy wrote: "This is the new book burning. Everything you read and see is being curated. Employees demanding direct 'editorial' oversight of the biggest podcast in the world should scare you. It has been happening for years on every social media outlet and it has to stop. Social media censorship needs to be addressed."

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