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Survey shows nearly one-third of respondents want to change Santa Claus' gender


Others want him to lose weight, get tattoos and use Amazon Prime for his means of transportation

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Nearly one-third of the people surveyed on rebranding Santa Claus believe he should be either female or gender neutral, WSYX-TV reported.

The recent survey conducted by a graphic design group found that 17.2 percent of those polled would prefer the jolly old elf to be gender neutral and more than 10.6 percent said he should be a woman.

Four hundred people between the ages of 18 and 65 were first asked for suggestions on how Santa should be rebranded. Then the company asked 4,000 people across the U.S and the United Kingdom to vote on the suggestions.

Twenty-one percent voted for Santa to drop some weight and 20 percent would like to see him sporting some tattoos.

Instead of the old-fashioned sleigh pulled by eight reindeer, 17 percent said he should get a hoverboard to make his Christmas Eve deliveries. But 23 percent think he'd be better off traveling across the globe in a flying car.

And 23 percent of the respondents want him to use Amazon Prime for transportation.

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