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Suspected Iowa school shooter's digital footprint indicates his was possibly yet another trans rampage
Photo by CHRISTIAN MONTERROSA/AFP via Getty Images

Suspected Iowa school shooter's digital footprint indicates his was possibly yet another trans rampage

Students returning to school for their second semester in the small town of Perry, Iowa, were met Thursday morning with gunfire and bloodshed. The suspect responsible for ushering in the new year with senseless violence appears to have been yet another butcher captive to trans ideology.

According to authorities, the 17-year-old suspect, a student at the school, stalked the halls of Perry Middle and High School Thursday morning armed with a pump-action shotgun, a homemade bomb, and a small-caliber handgun. He began opening fire on children and staff around 7:47 a.m., before the start of classes.

Dallas County Sheriff Adam Infante indicated the fact classes had not yet begun may have been a limiting factor on the number of victims ultimately attacked, reported Newsweek.

"School didn't start yet, luckily, so there were very few students and faculty in the building, which I think contributed to a good outcome in that sense," said Infante.

The suspect murdered a sixth-grader from Perry Middle School and injured five others, four of whom were students. The fifth victim was identified by the school district as the school's principal, Dan Marburger.

Three of the victims were taken to Iowa Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines, and others were taken to MercyOne Des Moines Medical Center, reported the Associated Press — a news agency that has attempted to paint the shooter as a victim of bullying.

One of the survivors is in critical condition. The other four are reportedly now in stable condition.

Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds said in a statement, "Our hearts are broken by this senseless tragedy. Our prayers are with the students, teachers & families of the Perry Community."

Reynolds thanked police and first responders for their fast response, stating, "Their heroic actions today we can say saved lives."

Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation Assistant Director Mitch Mortvedt underscored during a press conference Thursday that the response by law enforcement was swift and unflinching. At least 150 law enforcement agents ultimately rushed to the scene.

"Perry Police officers responded within minutes. They immediately made entry and witnessed students and faculty either sheltering in place or running from the school," said Mortvedt. "Once inside, they located multiple individuals with gunshot wounds. Officers immediately attempted to locate the source of the threat and quickly found what appeared to be the shooter with a self-inflicted gunshot wound."

The shooter evidently offed himself before being able to deploy his improvised explosive device against innocents. Mortvedt indicated that the bomb, which was "pretty rudimentary," was successfully neutralized by the state fire marshal and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents.

Investigators are now analyzing the suspect's posts on social media, particularly on Reddit and TikTok — both of which have been deactivated.

Prior to the shooting, the suspect reportedly posted a selfie taken inside the school's bathroom to his TikTok account along with the lyrics "now we wait" from the song "Stray Bullet" from the German band KMFDM.

The New York Post highlighted that that the same song referenced by the suspect was also used on the personal website of one of the shooters behind the 1999 Columbine High School massacre.

An archived version of the suspect's TikTok account reveals his bio was limited to an LGBT activist flag emoji. Extra to stating "he/they" pronouns on social media and allegedly engaging with other LGBT activists about transgenderism, the suspect also appears to used the hashtag "genderfluid" and posted, "love your trans kids."

In one of the suspect's alleged Reddit posts, he noted he was being held back from beginning the sex-change process because he didn't "want to look ugly."

While acknowledging that the shooter may have been trans, leftists have rushed to downplay the relevance as well as the corresponding trend.

The Advocate, an LGBT activist publication, stressed, "While there have been isolated incidents involving transgender or nonbinary people in mass shootings, these are not representative of the broader trend."

The 26-year-old behind the Sept. 20, 2018, mass shooting outside a Rite Aid distribution center in Aberdeen, Maryland, was a transvestite who had reportedly been receiving hormone therapy and planning to get a sex change operation.

The woman behind the 2019 STEM School Highlands Ranch mass shooting in Colorado was also a transvestite transitioning at the time she took aim at unarmed students.

The lawyers for the man behind the November 2022 massacre at a non-straight nightclub in Colorado Springs, which left five dead and 25 injured, indicated he identified as non-binary, reported Newsweek.

The female LGBT activist who shot up a Christian elementary school in Nashville last March, killing three children and three adults, was another transvestite who identified as a man.

Angela Ferell-Zaballa, executive director of the gun-grab group Moms Demand Action, told the Advocate, "Extremists often try to muddy the waters by blaming our gun violence crisis on mental health or gender identity, when often people with these lived realities are most likely to be victims of gun violence, rather than perpetrators of it."

Sarah Kate Ellis, president and CEO of GLAAD, stated, "Media outlets that speculate on the shooter's identity or their support of LGBTQ rights instead of focusing on those impacted are contributing to a false and sweeping narrative about vulnerable communities."

The Human Rights Campaign's national propagandist, Brandon Wolf, told the Advocate that Libs of TikTok's Chaya Raichik, among those who have highlighted the suspect's apparent trans-identification, "is using a horrific shooting to try and drum up anti-LGBTQ+ hysteria for her cause. In truth, LGBTQ+ people are disproportionately impacted by gun violence, a reality made worse by those like her, who demonize the community at every turn and peddle dangerous, bogus narratives in exchange for influence."

LGBTQ Nation, which recognized the shooter as "nonbinary," similarly lashed out at those dredging up evidence of his LGBT affinities, noting, "The right-wing focus on gun-toting queers and shooters' mental illness is merely a way to stigmatize queer people while also drawing attention away from gun control regulations that could help stop mass shootings in the first place."

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