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Liberals lash out at actor Sylvester Stallone over report that he joined Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club


'Bloviated, privileged a-hole'

Actor Sylvester Stallone. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Iconic action movie actor Sylvester Stallone reportedly joined the Mar-a-Lago private club owned by former President Donald Trump and liberals online wasted no time in lashing out at him over it.

Page Six reported that a source at the club told them Stallone had joined and was seen taking photos with others at the club.

The 74-year-old actor had just purchased a luxury $35 million home in Palm Beach, where the club is located, in December.

Critics of Trump took to Twitter to mock and ridicule the actor for what they saw as a tacit sign of support for the former president.

"So, Stallone can ignore multiple, credible sexual assault accusations. Okay then. He can f*** right off," tweeted author Kimberley Johnson.

"Seeing Sylvester Stallone join The Former Guy's club proves once and for all that he did his own stunts and has the brain damage to prove it," said Chris Hahn.

"What a disappointment Sylvester Stallone turned out to be... Joining Trumps Mar a Lago Club? He clearly has received too many punches to the head," tweeted another user.

"Sylvester Stallone watches Donald Trump incite a terrorist attack upon our nation and now wants to support Trump even more," said Muslim comedian Dean Obeidallah.

"We JUST watched the original Rocky and mused about how brilliant it is. The ultimate underdog tale. Now THIS garbage. Do you even remember your roots? Bloviated, privileged a-hole giving money to that orange baboon who continues to undermine democracy. Poser. Get lost," tweeted another user.

In February, Stallone and his family attended a Super Bowl party at Trump's West Palm Beach golf club with the former president making an appearance and eating dinner before leaving at halftime.

Here's a view inside Mar-a-Lago from 2 years ago:

A Rare Look Inside Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club | NBC Nightly Newswww.youtube.com

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