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Teen delinquents running wild on NYC block in middle of day, firing fake guns, openly smoking pot — and cops, school allegedly aren't doing anything about it

Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images

A group of teenage delinquents are running wild on a New York City block on weekdays, firing fake guns and openly smoking pot — and the New York Post said police and the school they're apparently from aren't doing anything about it.

What are the details?

Residents of West 13th Street off 6th Avenue in Greenwich Village told the paper that the teens are frightening them and keeping them indoors.

The Post said that "for at least a year while school is in session, the roughnecks roam from stoop to stoop every day at lunchtime, rolling blunts, getting high, acting out, and taunting anyone who gets in their way."

“They are the bane of the block,” Michael Figueroa, a superintendent for two buildings, told the paper, which added that he's chased the trouble-making kids from his locations, cleaned up their trash, and witnessed their behavior firsthand.

The Post said it's checked out the area for itself, and sure enough, for the last two weeks reporters saw the teens "brandishing realistic-looking imitation guns, which they fired at frightened pedestrians."

Residents told the paper that one particular "fake TEC-9 semi-automatic pistol" is "a tragedy waiting to happen."

Figueroa added to the Post that the teens are using multiple home renovations to their advantage: "If they see a door open [they go in to smoke their weed]. I see them constantly. It’s the same guys, it’s the same crew.”

Senior citizen Cheryl Schwartzman in a polite tone of voice recently asked members of the group to move so she could enter her building, and the paper said one of them shouted back, “Suck my d***!” and spit all over her stoop.

“My frustration is that this is an ongoing problem, and no one is here when the teens congregate,” Schwartzman added to the Post.

The paper said the teens have been followed back to Harvest Collegiate High School on West 14th Street.

A retired lawyer, Schwartzman added to the Post that cops have contacted officials at the high school but claimed the principal has yet to take action. The paper said the school did not return messages.

“This is their lunchroom, and they are going to use this as their lunchroom until June,” Schwartzman told the paper of the teens raising hell on her block.

Anything else?

The Post, citing NYPD statistics, reported that major crimes in the 6th Precinct are up 72% this year. Breaking things down, the paper said felony assaults are up 7% (142 from 133), robberies have increased 47% (186 from 127), petty larcenies rose 60% (1,467 from 917), grand larcenies have soared 91% (976 from 510), and burglary has jumped 96% (325 from 166).

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