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'Tell us that to our face': Angel mom calls out Bernie Sanders after he vows to end deportations


Her only child was killed by an illegal alien with multiple felonies

Image source: Sabine Durden YouTube video screenshot

Angel mom Sabine Durden had strong words for presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Wednesday after the Democratic socialist vowed to end the deportation of illegal immigrants, challenging the senator to meet angel families and "be man enough to look into our eyes and tell us that to our face."

What are the details?

"We will put a moratorium on deportations and break up ICE so that no family has to live in terror of losing their loved ones," Sanders tweeted. "We must stand with our immigrant family and, together, build an immigration system grounded in civil and human rights."

Durden, a legal immigrant whose only child, Dominic, was killed by an illegal immigrant, responded, "Hey @BernieSanders how about you meet with a few of us who already KNOW the terror of losing a loved one. Come on, be man enough to look into our eyes and tell us that 2 our face. Contact me and let's do this."

According to Town Hall, Dominic died "after an illegal immigrant with a record of drunk driving crashed into her son's motorcycle. The illegal immigrant only spent 35 days in jail before being deported back to Guatemala."

Durden has become a strong advocate for angel families, and has not been shy about calling out celebrities and politicians for ignoring Americans who have been the victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens.

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